The puzzle

There were a girl named Angelica who lives as well as my parents in a town named Gvefort. Her father made them use a barn for an artist named Ryan who does not become popular as an atelier. And the bizarre murder case by which the part of the body is cut off occurred frequently in Gvefort after it had passed for a while. There was a person taken out blood by the bizarre murder case too. One day she who worried about a work of Ryan stole into a barn, then there were many weird works there a portrait of the girl who shudders at fear. There was a puzzle in the depth in a barn, and parts of the body of the human was put in the puzzle. When she was seeing the puzzle, a sound was heard from the entrance neighborhood. Then she was looking for the place which can be in a fluster and close, but she hid herself under the desk. Ryan came into a barn. She was holding her breath and was taking notice of the trend of Ryan. And when 30 minutes passed, he went out of the barn. She who went home spoke to her father about the thing which she saw at a barn. Angelica said “I think that Ryan concerns the murder case which occurs frequently recently” Her father said “Besides there is not such nice young person” “It was somewhat well-founded, and did you say such thing?” Angelica said “There were parts of the body of the human put in a puzzle in a barn” Her father said “If you insist, I will go to a barn, but when nothing was found, think how you do!” Angelica said “I do not have to worry about such thing!” And She entered a barn with her father. But a puzzle was missing. Her father asked “Where is the evidence that k you were talking about concerns a murder case?” “Show me that evidence early!” Ryan came into a barn suddenly. Ryan asked “What happened?” Her father said “Because Angelica was saying that there was evidence that you concern a murder case persistently, I have come to check that” Ryan said “There is no such evidence” Angelica said “I saw that evidence” Ryan asked “Is it what kind of evidence?” He whispered “If you inquire me any more, I will kill you” in her ear. She became compliant for Ryan. But she often visited to a barn, and a hiding room in the barn and found a room. There were a puzzle in which parts of the body of the human was put and many parts of the body of before the human put in a puzzle there. She chose the time when Ryan is leaving a barn, and she threw a smoke bomb into a barn. The people who thought smoke of a smoke bomb was a fire gathered in a barn to put out the fire, and existence in the hiding room and the murder Ryan violated so far were exposed. He was arrested as a cerial killer, but the puzzle by which he put parts of the body of the human in and made was exhibited in an art museum.

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