The hole

There was a famous town named Revynth as an industrial city. A boy named Jared lived with his parents at a company house of the major electric machinery equipment manufacturing companies named Belz for which his father works. One day a big hole appeared in a sudden Revynth. And since that, resident’s much in the town be missing. His mother was missing too. Suddenly, a dwarf appeared in front of Jared. Jared asked “Who are you?” The dwarf said “I am Dorin” “We are the clan confined to the depths of the earth the time of the antiquity” “And we find freedom, and we have dug a hole and have appeared in the ground” Jared asked “Do you concern that a resident in the town becomes missing?” Dorin said “The persons seem to take him somewhere and leave by the tribe who hates a resident on the ground” Jared asked “Is it known where the persons who became missing brought you?” Dorin said “Perhaps our town” Jared said “Please bring me to your town” He followed after Dorin and entered a hole. He nearly fell down many times because it was a dim place under the hole. Dorin said “Please be caught by my body until we go out to a light place” He grasped left arm of Dorin and walked a dim place. When it has passed for a while, they have gone out to a light place. The residents in the town who became missing stuck to a cave with an iron grille. He got cooperation of Dorin, and he set residents in the town released from a cave with an iron grille. Then dwarves who noticed that have run after them. Dorin said “I will return” “Block a hole up early!” Residents of him and a seized town blocked a hole up together. Calm has returned to a town.

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