The psychometrist

The boy named Samuel lived with his father in the tourist city named Curysfeld where nature was left everywhere. His mother had the ability named psychometry that could see its memory just to touch a thing and the person, but a body was weak at all, and she died at the same time as he was born. And He inherited ability of his mother. He did not have the memory with his mother, but he saw a figure of his mother by the ability that inherited from his mother objectively and was brought up. He was said “Do not use the ability of psychometry in public!”, but he often used the ability of psychometry for his father in a secret. One day a strange man handed him a cake when he went to the school. The strange man handed a cake to children whom there was near him and went to somewhere. Because he saw the scene where a man poured poison into the cake by ability of psychometry, he said to children who were around. Samuel cried “Because the cake is poisoned cake, do not eat!” However, most children ate a cake without listening to his words. And children who ate a cake have begun to suffer immediately. Children were carried to the hospital by an ambulance, but all the members died without being in time. Detective Chief Inspector Warwick came him to hear circumstances Detective Chief Inspector Warwick said “If any you including the characteristic of the strange man have noticed, talk to me it” Samuel said “I had ability of psychometry, and the scene where the man poured poison into a cake when I touched the man was seen” Detective Chief Inspector Warwick did not believe his words, but he touched various things and guessed all the owner of the thing right first. Detective Chief Inspector Warwick was half in doubt, but went to the hiding place of the man whom he looked at with several police, then there was the man who mixed some kind of medicines there. Detective Chief Inspector Warwick stepped into the hiding place of the man and restricted a man. And Detective Chief Inspector Warwick believed him and he was invited to Detective Chief Inspector Warwick who liked ability of psychometry that he had and has begun to work as an assistant of the police. One day he touched it because there was a lighter in the edge of bench of the park where he sat, then he looked at the scene where plural men planned to attack a patrol wagon when the executive named Jeremy Dawson of International terrorist organization Grendel was transferred to the court by a patrol wagon. And he told all the details to Detective Chief Inspector Warwick. Detective Chief Inspector Warwick had the crime laboratory collate the fingerprint of the ex-convict and the fingerprint which a lighter had. The report that it fitted a fingerprint of Gordon Chapma of International terrorist organization Grendel came from the crime laboratory. Samuel sneaked into the apartment where Gordon hid with Detective Chief Inspector Warwick. When he touched the wall of the room, he knew the surprise attack point of the patrol wagon which Gordon planned. Detective Chief Inspector Warwick let an empty patrol wagon go to the court on the day when a trial of Jeremy Dawson was held, and he posted Special Forces in the surprise attack point neighborhood of the patrol wagon. The Special Forces arrested men after they developed gun battle with masked men who were going to attack a patrol wagon. Gordon said “Great disaster occurs somewhere in this town” while having an inappropriate smile in a restricted state. Detective Chief Inspector Warwick asked “What do you mean?” Gordon said “Great disaster happens when you do not make it early!” Detective Chief Inspector Warwick took Gordon and masked men to the police station and he let take off the thing which Gordon wore and let it touch Samuel which waited in another room. Then Samuel understood that Gordon stimulated a patrol wagon surprise attack plan and a blast plan of the subway at the same time. He conveyed the characteristic of the vehicle of the subway which a bomb was attached to to a police inspector, and they went to the station where the vehicle which a bomb was attached to with bomb squad stopped at. And they succeeded in the cancellation of the bomb safely. The case was settled safely.


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