Mind shuffle

The girl named Leilani who understands a word of an animal lived in a town. She had the ability to understand a word of an animal naturally and often talked with animals, so villagers called her a witch and looked down upon. But she did not quail at treatment of villagers for her and lived there. On day she found the puppy named  Titus which is being spited by a boy and is suffering, and she held Titus in her arms gently and said “Do not spite!” and touched a head of the boy gently. Then a mind of a puppy and a mind of a boy were shuffled. The boy surveyed his whole body and said “I tunred to a man” Leilani asked “Are you Titus?” The boy said “I will not be Titus any more” “Thank you so far, Leilani” and went to somewhere. Leilani asked “Will you go out of the village with me?” Titus said “I would have no options” They have gone out of the village. And she who has gone out of the village has begun to work as a trimmer at a pet salon in the town named Grefel. Titus became a mascot dog in the salon. She heard voice of the pets which visited in her salon everyday. She touched the pets oppressed by their owner and their owners, she shuffled each minds.

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