The Cannibal

There was a quiet village named Pheynes in the foot of Mount Dwein. The boy named Gustav moved in to the village with his parents on account of the work of his father. He could make a friend immediately in the high school where he changed school and spent it happily every day. He got along well with the hoody boy named Edgar famous at school and the girl named Bridget of the bright person most in a class and the boy named Dwight who excels in all sports, and is popular regardless of man and woman and a younger sister named Susan of Dwight in particular. One day they went on a hike to Mount Dwein by a suggestion of Susan. And they discovered some kind of facilities which became the ruins in the halfway up a mountain area of the mountain. Gustav asked “What are those facilities?” Dwight said “I do not know about those facilities” Bridget said “It is creepy here” “Let’s return!” Edgar said “I will enter!” Dwight said “Wait Ed!” But Edgar went into the facilities. And they entered facilities in pursuit of Edgar. When they who caught up with Edgar advanced to the depths of the facilities with Edgar, there were many cages before them, and several skeletons lay in each cage. Bridget screamed because of too much fear. Gustav asked “Are these human beings?” Dwight said “Perhaps” They realized that a non-humanitarian experiment had been ever conducted there. They had a feeling that they heard the voice of the dim person from the cage in the depths. And they went toward the cage in the depths, then there was the boy who crouched down by the corner of the cage there. Gustav asked “Does he really live?” Susan said “He still lives” Bridget asked “Are you ok?” The boy did not answer. Susan said “Looking for the key to cage!” Dwight said “Sorry” Edgar said “Do not apologize” and looked for the key to cage. Bridget found the bunch of the key used on the wall and opened a cage with the key. When she was in the cage, she noticed that the floor of the cage was dyed with dry blood and she screamed. Bridget said “A floor is bloody!” Gustav cried “Go out of there early!”and got her ability and took you out from a cage. Susan said “I help him” and was in the cage. Edgar which worried about her was in the cage. Edgar said “You have me here Susie!” He clapped the shoulder of the boy lightly and said “You are free”, then the boy bit his scruff suddenly. Blood dripped from his scruff. Gustav took out Susan which stood petrified for fear from a cage. Dwight said “Escape from here early with Susie and Bridy” was in the cage to help Edgar. Susan cried “Dwight!” Dwight separated Edgar from a boy, but Edgar seemed to cease to breathe at any moment. Gustav was going to leave the facilities with Bridget and Susan, but Susan ran toward the cage which needed Edgar and Dwight suddenly. Gustav said “You call for help Bridy” Bridget descended a mountain alone and went to get help. And Gustav hurried toward the cage in pursuit of Susan. Dwight said “Get a hold your self Ed!” Susan knew that Edgar liked her when she arrived front of the cage. Edgar said “Because I cannot move anymore, escape only in you” “I regret that I cannot protect Susie all the time” Dwight said “Do not say such a thing, and live!” “You live, and confess it to Susie!” Susan said “I love you too Ed” When Dwight dragged Edgar  to out of a cage, Gustav said “Escape!” The boy coveted a body of Dwight and ate it. Gustav dragged a body of Edgar to out of a cage to see a chance. Gustav grasped the cosh which rolled near, and he stole up a boy slowly. But the boy noticed him and attacked him. He fought back with a cosh. After a battle, he was made to be wounded severely by a boy, but the boy fell down. And the boy did not move. Gustav dragged a body of Dwight to outside of the cage and locked the cage immediately. Because Dwight suffered a fatal injury, he died but Edgar escaped death somehow by the emergency services which Bridget caused. Edgar and Susan got married after graduation in a high school. And Gustav and Bridget also got married in the next year.

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