The spirited off

There was a village named Granpton with the high birthrate of the twin. But one of a pair of twins who turned 10 years old was spirited off at the village. There were very close twin siblings named Sinclair and Randy who are impatient for their birthday of 10 years old of the next month in the village. They often went to a forest in the outskirts in a village and were playing there. One day when they had their birthday of 10 years old, their parents forbade their going out so that they were not spirited off. But they who wanted to play outside have avoided eyes of their parents and left the house and went to the forest. When they are playing at a forest like usual, the bear which does the movement which clowned appeared in front of Sinclair. She ran after the bear which was being in the bush, and entered a bush, then the children who were spirited off had with the animals which walk with two legs in the inside in a bush. Sinclair asked “Where am I?” The bear after which she went said “Here is the secret land” Sinclair asked “Who are you?” The bear said “I am Malcolm” “We are different from the animal you know in the race named Anifolada a little, and we are near human relatively” Sinclair asked “Why are 10-year-old children here?” Malcolm said “We did not kidnap them, but they stray into here like you and are enjoying a life here” Sinclair asked “How can I go out of here?” Malcolm said “Call one of a pair of your twins hard in your mind” She called Randy in her mind though she thought doubtfully. When she lost consciousness and fell, she shook a body and was woken up. Then Randy which calls her name was in front of her. And the children which were spirited off were near her. She explained circumstances to Randy, then they often went to a forest to offer a snack.

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