The Tax inspector

There was two shrewd undercover tax inspectors named Denisa and Abdelkarim in the National Tax Agency Intelligence Division. They always paired and made full use of their many qualifications that they possessed and undercover inspected into the company with the doubt of the tax evasion. One day they were ordered the undercover inspection to the French restaurant named le Soleil where suspicion of the tax evasion was hung. le Soleil has 20 stores in the country and very popular French restaurant. There was the art object of the big sunflower in the center of le Soleil. He infiltrated as a chef about one week later after she infiltrated into le Soleil as a waitress. Because she had the qualification of the sommelier and he had a superior cooking technology, they were found to be useful very much by employee of le Soleil. They looked for evidence of the tax evasion while doing each work. He discovered that le Soleil stocked of high-quality foodstuffs and resold it and stocked of cheap foodstuffs. He heard the business connection named Fawke food industry of le Soleil which wholesaled cheap foodstuffs in le Soleil from a chef and she went to the business connection on an off day. Denisa said “Excuse me” Then a person of Fawke food industry who attached a name card written as Felix came to her. Felix said “May I have your name, please?” Denisa said “I am Lancater from le Soleil” Felix asked “Did you come to here to do what?” Denisa said “We are here to confirm the order for foodstuffs which a new face did” “May I confirm the order slips?” He handed her the order slips and pretended to prepare tea for her and called a friend. When she shot the photograph of the order slips, she felt a sign of somebody and stopped photography. She replaced the SD card of the camera and put it in her bag at once. And she was attacked suddenly from the rear by someone and was shut in in a freezer. She who regained consciousness cried and called for help, but nobody came. And when she was about to lose consciousness again, Abdelkarim came over that opened the freezer door and helped her. Denisa asked him “Why did you know here?” in waning consciousness. Abdelkarim asked “Did you forget to have attached a transmitter to your clothes?” Fawke was taken to the police for the imprisonment charge. And when they left Fawke food industry, he attached the photograph of the order slip to an email and sent it to National Tax Agency. He went to the hospital with her. Hospitalization was suggested to her by a doctor, but she was put on a drip and came home. And they performed the domiciliary search to the associated facilities of all stores of le Soleil and le Soleil with inspectors of the National Tax Agency Intelligence Department in morning of the next day. A large quantity of cash was discovered from the art object of the sunflower of the symbol of le Soleil. The under-the-counter accounting book and the hidden bankbook and the seal were found in the hidden room of the president’s house. le Soleil will pay a large amount of money collected in addition and was disclosed by food camouflage. The manager of le Soleil said “The manager of each store hid a part of the sales in the art object of the sunflower and the president collected it after hours and took it to go every week to the home” And when they came back to National Tax Agency, were ordered the undercover inspection to the major construction company named green hills construction corporation.

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