The whisper of the devil

There was a town named Durithea which coexists with nature. But murder and attack occurred successively from three years ago by young residents which were blood-shot eye. Caught residents which were blood-shot eye unanimously said that they had no memory after creepy voice of was heard. And their eye became ordinary. Therefore many residents have left the town, but a boy named Cyril managed his baker with his parents. One day his parents have been killed by the resident of the town. But after death of his parents he was managing the bakery. His girlfriend named Magdalene who worried about him stayed in the town. Magdalene asked “Will you go out of this town together?” Cyril said “I have to keep a bakery and because I would like to investigate a truth of the case which occurs at this town, I stay in this town” “You go out of this town early, Lena” Magdalene said “If you stay, I stay in this town together too” Cyril said “Ok” Magdalene asked “How will you investigate a truth?” Cyril said “I will go around the tunnel in the base of a mountain where many people heard creepy voice” Magdalene said “I go too” Cyril said “Ok” They went to there. When they approach just before several kilometers in a tunnel in the base of a mountain, Cyril said “Put this on your ear” and handed something over to her. Magdalene asked “What are these?” Cyril said “Those are ear plugs” “We have to put that because the tone with the hypnotic effect isn’t heard” Magdalene said “Ok” When they with ear plugs arrive near the tunnel, the young which were blood-shot eye have struck at them. Magdalene screamed and asked “What are these people?” Cyril said “Perhaps they hear the tone with the hypnotic effect, and are handled” They ran away from the young who are running after them and they hid in a shed near the tunnel and removed ear plugs. Many computers were put there. And there were hypnotic program was written on the label and the mosquito tone for teens, twenties were written on the disk. A man with a pale face came over from the inside in a shed suddenly. The man said “You knew existence in this shed, so I cannot return you safely” Cyril asked “Why did you handle the young and make them do murder and attack?” The man said “My daughter was killed by the young in this town” “When I complained, parents of the young who killed my daughter concealed everything using power” Cyril said “I think of that regrettably, but I cannot overlook your plan” The man asked “What can you do?” Cyril said “Put ear plugs and break computers., Lena” When a man signaled, the young came into a shed. They put ear plugs and broke computers which matches the shed, then the young fell. The man said “My revenge plan was made spoiled for you” and clenched a knife and has run to him. And Magdalene was shield for him, and was stuck into a man. When a deranged man goes out of the shed, the man strayed from a foot and fell from a cliff. Cyril stanched the blood which flows from her side by his shirt. When he shoulders her and goes out of the shed, the young have woken up. The eye of the young has ordinarily returned. They went to a hospital in the town together. Calm has returned to a town. There were no troubles in the life for her injury and left the hospital in two weeks. The man who fell in the foot of a cliff was found by the passerby force and was carried into the hospital. And when circumstances were revealed, policemen watched the male sickroom.

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