The hypnotic musical box

There was the boy named Damian in the calm country town named Raumont. He had hearing impairment naturally, but was playing actively with children in neighborhood. One day the itinerant entertainer came to Raumont. And the itinerant entertainer was manipulating a marionette and did marionette show in the public square of the town, then residents in the town gathered. He watched the marionette show of the itinerant entertainer with his friends The residents of Raumont were gentle, but a quarrel occurred at the various locations of the town at night of that day. But only Damian was as usual. A quarrel was continuing and was being escalated every night. And the residents have begun to scuffle. The daytime was gentle, but residents in the town became violent at night. Damian which thought doubtfully in residents becoming violent has begun to check the cause. And he saw the figure of the itinerant entertainer playing a melody from a big musical box. He thought that residents in the town became violent because of a melody of a musical box. He stole into a shed of the itinerant entertainer in order to destroy a musical box for him to return residents in the town in the previous state. But he was found by an itinerant entertainer and his body was tied by a rope, and was shut in a basement. He cut a rope using a stone which was at his feet and escaped from a basement, then he moved inside the shed and destroyed a musical box so as not to be found by the itinerant entertainer The itinerant entertainer who saw a broken musical box was disappearing into somewhere unsteadily. Calm like former days has returned to Raumont by breaking the musical box.


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