The transteleporter

A boy named Hector lived with his father in a village in the country where only five households are. He was making hear that his mother was sick and passed away when he was young, from his father. He found the picture in which he and his mother come out at a closet and made it important. One day when he who became 15 years old was looking at a picture like usual, he was in the location of the picture all too soon. And when he looked back, his mother who had her picture taken was there. Hector asked “Mummy?” His mother asked “Are you Hector?” Hector said “Yes” His mother hugged him. His moher said “I am happy because I can meet you again” “But How did you come here?” Hector said “When I touched this picture, I was here all too soon” and showed the picture in which he and his mother come out. His mother said “I think that ability awoke for you” Hector asked “Eh?” His mother said “Everyone has the teleport ability in my blood” “You cannot back to the place of your father any more” Hector asked “Why?” His mother said “Because your ability awoke” “But I am here with you” Hector said “Ok” His mother hugged him again. His mother pointed to pointed to the one of the big rock and said “Go there using the teleport ability like the time when you have come here” He concentrated an image, but it is not done. His mother handed over the paper on which the address was written to him and said “Well touch this” And when he touched the paper, he was in front of the house where he does not know His mother appeared in his back. Hector asked “Where am I?” His mother said “The house where I and you live” Hector said “I am glad” His mother said “I think that your ability is determinative” And he lived with his mother, and he took the special training which often improves the teleport ability from his mother. But his teleport ability did not improve so much. His mother said “You seem able to do a teleport to the location of the place name which touched, and the place where has its photo taken” One day become a transporter using his teleport ability occurred to him, and he told that to his mother. His mother said “That is good idea” “Try it” And he got cooperation of his mother and established a transport company. He touched the address of the destination which is recorded on the baggage received from a client and teleported there. His company is a delivery on the same day, it was arrival on the same day, so it was a popular transport company.


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