Shadow tag

There was a town named Shvenz where agriculture and dairy farming are popular. The boy named Clive who was playing shadow tag at a park in the town 50 years ago has been run over and killed by the truck stuffed into a park by driving under the influence of liquor, then the children who were playing shadow tag to died a miserable death successively, and shadow tag was prohibited since that. The rumor that the shadow of the person which was piled up the shadow of the boy only of the shadow is every time piles up something, receives damage spread. One day Two people named Mia and Terence of men and women who live in a town in a neighborhood heard a rumor and came to Shvenz to confirm the rumor. Mia has the ability to contact a soul, and the ability to make her body depend on a soul. Terence has the ability to shut and exorcise a soul in the boundary zone. They went to the park to play shadow tag. When they arrived the park, the resident in the town who found them going to play shadow tag said “Never play shadow play” Mia said “Because it is no problem, please do not worry” They have begun to play shadow tag for inspection. And the shadow of boy only of the shadow was piled up on her shadow soon. A boy was smiling innocently. Mia asked “What your name?” The boy “I am Clive, can you see me?” Mia said “I am Mia and he is Terence” “Because we have spiritual power, we can see you” Clive asked “Would you play with me?” Mia said “Before playing, please make me question about some” Clive said “What?” Mia asked “Are you somewhat concerned about the children who played shadow tag died successively?” Clive said “I tried to rescue everyone from a fellow, but I was not helped” Terence asked “Who is that fellow?” Clive said “The revengeful ghost named Keith in this town from more than one hundred years before” A weird man appeared from her shadow suddenly. She signaled him, then he formed a boundary zone around Keith. They saw the figure of the boy stepping on her shadow. Clive shrunk back and hid in her back. Mia asked “Are you Keith?” The weird man said “Yes” Keith attacked her suddenly. But its offensive was not effective in her. Terence shut Keith in a boundary zone and exorcised Keith. She played shadow tag with Clive, then he was satisfied and started a trip to heaven. And the children who play shadow tag could see now at a town.

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