The caleidoscope

There was a girl named Azza who lives in a small village named Glred. One day she found a street stall an old woman manages which is not got used to seeing at the village. And when she approached the street stall, she understood that that was a street stall of a kaleidoscope. The old woman asked “Would you like one?” Azza said “I am sorry, I am in a hurry now” and left the street stall. Then many people gathered in front of the old woman’s street stall. When she came along the place where she came across an old woman, no one was there. She heard that her friend named Mustafa and a lots of people who were in front of the street stall passed away. And when she goes to a house of Mustafa, she saw a kaleidoscope falling near his body which collapsed. She who took a kaleidoscope in her hand saw something which moves in the bottom. And she is surprised and has dropped a kaleidoscope. She has kicked and has broken the kaleidoscope, then the a kaleidoscope broke by an impact of a fall, and a light ball stuck out from the inside. And that light ball entered his body, then he has woke up. She understood that his soul was shut in a kaleidoscope. Azza asked “Are you ok?” Mustafa said “Yes” “Why are you here?” Azza said “Because I heard that you died, I came here” She visited to villagers’ house, and she who found the same kaleidoscope as the kaleidoscope which lay on his side broke those. And one day when several days have passed since she destroyed all kaleidoscopes, an old woman appeared in a village again. She drove an old woman out of a village with villagers. And peaceful every day has returned to the village.

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