Another her in her mind

There was a girl named Nicole Kimbell who works for the publishing company named Mirage Publishers in the town as a reporter. She was ill-used from her parents and grew up. Several personality was born therefore to protect her in her mind. But she did not know about existence of her another personalities at all. One person of her another personality is a teenage boy named Jack of the kleptomaniac. When he is replaced with Nicole, was shoplifting by various places and was reselling that. Her another personality of another person is the female named Page of twenties of the offensive personality. When she was replaced with Nicole, she was often working as a call girl at the downtown area. Some strange occurrences had often happened around her. When she was a student, the girls who have harassed her became to fear her from one day. Page which was replaced with Nicole called the girls who were harassing her to a roof at school. The girls who appeared in a roof said “Do you want you to play?” Page gripped a butterfly knife taken out from a pocket and said “Play with me” and floated dauntless smile. She forced a knife on leader of girls. The girl said “Help” and fainted away. She cut long hair of the girl with a knife. And her bag contained something which has no remembrance she and some receipts of the secondhand shop sometimes bought. She thought those are tricks of someone and did not worry about it at all. But the strange occurrence which has occurred around her was being escalated after she got a job in a publishing company. Her boss named Zack who was avoiding  other eyes the staff and was doing the sexual harassment act which touches her body became missing suddenly. Page which was replaced with Nicole said “There is a place where I’d like to go with you, Zack” “Would you go there with me?” Zack said “Ok” And they enteted an abandoned building. Zack asked “What would you like to do here?” Page said “I wanted to kill you” and stuck a knife into a chest of Zack. She covered the one which was around her, and hid a corpse of Zack. And she went home, then she slipped into a bed and was replaced with Nicole. Then a murder case occurred successively at the town where she lives. While Nicole was sleeping, Page which was replaced with Nicole killed her customers disagreeable to her. Therefore when she woke up, her clothes were dyed deep red by blood. She felt fearfully and ran away from her apartment. But a corpse of Zack was found and because the figure of Nicole came out in a burglar camera near the site, she was arrested. And the police found a bag with big money from a closet in her room. Her hearing of circumstances arrested in the interrogation room has started. The police asked “How did you get money included in the bag?” Nicole said “I do not know” And when she is suffering, Page which was replaced with Nicole has begun to run wild suddenly. Five police nen held her down. The police said “Calm down!” Page said “Do not make Nicole cry” “Nicole does not know about existence of Jack and me” The police asked “Who is Jack?” Jack which was replaced with Page said “I am sorry. That is the money which sold the one I shoplifted” and cried. Page which was replaced with Jack said “When she was abused by her parents, I and Jack were born in her mind” She took a psychiatric exam, and she was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder She communicated with the personality of Page and Jack under guidance of the psychiatrist. She knew that she is a multiple personality disorder. Page which knew that Nicole is going to integrate personalities of Page and Jack said “I cannot permit to try to kill me in having protected Nicole so far” Page took a pen away from a psychiatrist and set that in her throat. Jack which was replaced with Page said “I do not want to die” She was carried into a hospital, but she passed away because she bled much. Ironically the case which Page committed and death of Nicole were reported to the magazine which was published from the publishing company where she was working.


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