The mysterious travel agency

There was a travel agency named Traumtür Reisen in the town named Elfenheim where the tradition which concerns a fairy is often left. Traumtür Reisen attracted attention as the travel agency which offers unique travel. There were solemn doors in an office of the company of Traumtür Reisen. The door was the mysterious door which is invited to the world which wishes for the person who grasped a doorknob. Only one person can use a door at the same time basically. When because a person opens the door, it was the mechanism that a door is locked until the person opened a door and appeared again. A boy named Jonas was doing the work to manage the door. He prepared for emergency, and had the key which opens a door. One day when he is sleeping at his house in a holiday, the telephone rang. The telephone was from Traumtür Reisen, and he was called because someone stole into Traumtür Reisen. He went to the office quickly. And when he arrived at the room where a door was installed, he noticed one door being locked. When he opened a door using a key, countless dragons were flying in the sky there. He set foot on the world of the dragon, then the dragons which were flying into the sky have flown down to him. The dragon asked “Why did you come here?” Jonas said “I have come here to look for the person who created this world unjustly” The dragon asked “Will you catch our creator?” Dragons have struck at him. He put up a key immediately, then a movement of dragons stopped. Jonas asked “Where is the person who created this world?” The dragon said “He went to the cave of the king to meet our king” Jonas asked “Where is there?” The dragon said “Get on my back!” And he got on the back of the dragon and went to the cave of the king. He who has arrived at the cave of king saw the man who sets a sword in a dragon. Jonas asked “What are you doing?” The man said “I drink his blood and get the special power” “Do not bother me” The king of the dragon said “Do not worry about me” “I follow our creator” The man said “Go away!” Jonas said “I am a keeper of the door” and put up a key. “I order, the king of the dragon soars!” Then the king of the dragon soared suddenly. The man grips a sword and has struck at him. He despoils a man of a sword, and he takes a man and has gone out from the world of a dragon. Traumtür Reisen has begun to run it as usual from the next day.

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