The Amazons

This is a story of ancient times. The hunting tribes named the Amazons only for women in chiton without a sleeve lived at the coast of the Black Sea. They were belligerent tribes, and because they cut their right breast to be easy to handle a bow and a spear when they were young, they had the name of “a mazos” which means without breast. Therefore the Black Sea has been called the Amazons Sea. When they had a child, they went to the man of other tribes, and they had sexual intercourse. When a boy is born, they kill the boy or they inflict a disorder on the boy and make a slave or they delivered it to father and brought up only the girl as a successor. The Amazons had a very beautiful girl named Aoide. She was a master hand of archery as she competed for the first place among the Amazons, but because the hunting tribes had a talent for the gentle heart and song so as to be unbecoming, she occasionally sang a song and encouraged countrymen going to the battle. Her grandmother named Ismeme with superior discernment was the matriarch of the Amazons. Because her mother named Kallistrate was good at archery and spearmanship and swordsmanship and she has ability to lead a person, bundled up the military unit of the Amazon. Her older sister named Adrasteia which was a valiant woman soldier and talked about would become the matriarch of the Amazons sometime. Her younger sister named Anemone which dances like wind and can exterminate an enemy without being noticed by an enemy. Adrasteia and Anemone and Aoide are supported. One day by an order of the king named Alkimos which dominates as a tyrant in Kingdom of Vistoph, soldiers of Kingdom of Vistoph invaded and attacked in the territory of the Amazons. And after the intense battle of soldiers of Vistoph and the Amazons, soldiers of Vistoph were exterminated. Therefore Vistoph sent new troops into the territory of the Amazons. Most of the sent troops were men of the farmer and the fisherman in the prime. There was the boy named Orion who succeeds father who became dead in an unexpected accident when fished in the Black Sea , and works as a fisherman, and supports the family budget gentle at heart in the troop. Troops of Vistoph had nothing more they can do for the power of the overwhelming Amazons, and the most of troops of Vistoph sent into the territory of the Amazons were killed. Orion was wounded severely, but was able to finish getting away from the surprise attack of the Amazons. However he lost consciousness and fell. When Aoide which came along to there accidentally found Orion who fell, she covered him in a shade. And she left the place, and she came over with the girl named Althaia of the healer that the mind could forgive her among Amazons. Aoide said “Help him” Althaia said “I do not know what kind of punishment you and I receive if found by your sisters and mother” But Althaia treated him, then left the place. Aoide said “Thank you” for her back which goes away. And she stole eyes of her sisters and mother and continued nursing Orion. Then on one day when three days passed after she found Orion which fell, he woke up. They were attracted each other and they got away from the territory of the Amazons together and have begun to live in his house in the outskirts of Vistoph. Kallistrate which noticed that she could not see a figure of Aoide let soldiers of the Amazons look for Aoide. Althaia told a lie “Aoide was taken away in Vistoph” to Kallistrate. Then Kallistrate invaded and attacked with soldiers of the Amazons in Vistoph. Kallistrate thrust a spear at a throat of Alkimos and asked “Where is Aoide?” Alkimos said “If you are going to kill me, murder me quickly” Kallistrate said “Answer my question!” Alkimos said “I do not know” She did the same question many times, but the answer of Alkimos was the same. And she stuck a spear into a throat of Alkimos Adrasteia and Anemone which got furiously angry like Kallistrate let a castle fall overnight at that time Aoide sometimes showed her singing voice to Orion, and they lived quietly.

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