There was a town named Kristallburg where a castle which prospers in the beginning in the 16th century exists. The name as Crystal castle derives from many monster statues of crystal a king named Achim Ⅲ made make around the castle. A kingdom declined after King Achim Ⅲ died, but  the castle was not destroyed and was left safely. One day the boy named Wen who lives in a town in a neighborhood and his girlfriend named Zelma visited the castle by a tour. When they were seeing the sights of Crystal castle, the men who took a tour with them tried to steal a monster statue of crystal. The monster statue of crystal begins to move suddenly, and those attacked tour visitors. The men who stole a statue of a crystal were crystallized by the light breathed from the mouth of the monster. Zelma screamed. Wen said “Follow me” And they and several tour participants ran into a castle. Monsters seemed to be patrolling around the castle like the guard who controls an intruder and be looking for tour participants. Zelma said “They seem to be looking for us” while suffering. Wen said “I think that they cannot enter in the castle” A crystal ball was enshrined in the room he entered casually. Glaring light was given off from the crystal ball. Zelma asked “What is that?” Wen said “I do not know” When he takes the crystal ball in his hand, light wrapped his body. Zelma asked “Are you ok?” Wen said “No problem” And monsters stood in line in front of the castle. The monster said “Our monarch, command anything” Wen asked “Who is your monarch?” The monster said “It is you” Wen said “Please attribute a tour participant safely” The monster said “Well, we are completely at your service” Tour participants including the men who tried to steal a statue of a crystal were deleted a memory about at Kristallburg, and were carried by monsters to the outskirts in the town. Wen said “Thank you. I come home” The monster said “We have you stay here” Wen asked “Why?” The monster said  “We have you stay here, because you became our monarch” He who got the ability which can handle a crystal freely lived at a castle with her.

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