There was a man named Isaac working as a captain of the ship of the sightseeing liner who connects a solitary island named Greda Island and a port town named Borent. One day when he is putting a passenger on a sightseeing liner like usual and is sailing for Greda Island from Borent, men were sinking an abandoned boat into a sea as an underwater reef where fish live near the route of his ship. The countless huge tentacle which has developed from the bottom of the sea has been entangled in his ship at the same time as an abandoned boat reached a deep sea. Passengers mentioned a scream and were running around to escape. Isaac said “Everybody calm down, please” “We will bring everybody to Greda Island safely, so please follow our directions” He directed refuge lead of the visitor to crews, he and free crews engaged with several huge tentacles by a gun. Isaac which removed the tentacle which twined around a ship with free crews increased speed and went to Greda Island. When his ship approached Greda Island, the ship which sank an abandoned boat into a sea as an underwater reef where fish live stopped over at an countless tentacle and was drawn into the bottom of the sea. An countless huge tentacle ran after his ship and invaded Greda Island. When he arrived at Greda Island, he went to the inland area quickly with a passenger and crew. An countless huge tentacle surrounded an island, and a head of huge squid appeared. The crew asked “Captain, how should we do?” Isaac said “Carry dynamite to a beach from a mining place by the ore” The crew said “Certainty” When he finishes carrying dynamites to a beach with crews, Isaac said “I do later by myself, so you take refuge” He made crews take refuge compulsorily. And he put a great deal of dynamite on the motorboat which anchored in a beach, and he made him sail a motorboat at top speed for a head of huge squid. Then large explosion occurred, and the form of the huge squid became dispersive. When crews became worried about his safety and went to the beach, he was a plastic sheet of a tentacle of huge squid.

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