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There was a country named Dugbros where economy develops remarkably. Various national people came to Dugbros to do study and work. The university student named Maurice who likes a figure very much lived in Mogdran where Dugbros is metropolitan. One day he who was looking for a 3D printer to make an original figure found a small 3D printer at the back alley which was passing somehow, and bought that. He brought it to his house, then he made the figure of the statue of the angel a famous sculptor named Bernard Chapman made by the 3D printer based on the picture on the internet. He displayed the figure in his room. And his girlfriend named Alison has come to his house to play the evening. When she was interested in the statue of the angel and she takes in her hands and seeing it, left wing of the angel came off. Alison said “I am sorry, left wing of this figure came off” Maurice said “Do not mind. Because you said that you liked the statue of the angel before, I made that with a 3D printer” “The picture data is on the internet, so a figure is made again” Alison said “Thank you” When they are watching television while relaxing by a sofa, the news that the statue of the angel was broken with someone was reported. Alison asked “Because I broke left wing of the figure, did left wing of the statue of the angel also break?” Maurice said “I do not think so” “That is accidental” Alison asked “What is made with a 3D printer next?” Maurice said “I have not been decided yet” “Do you want me to make something?” Alison asked “Can everything be made?” Maurice said “The surrounding picture is needed” Alison said “Ok” “Would you make me a figure of the old castle named Velfart castle in the Mogdran suburb?” Maurice said “Ok” He collected the picture of Velfart castle on the internet and made a figure by a 3D printer based on that. When a figure of Velfart castle will be completed, a sound has been heard from the castle interior. They peeped into a figure of Velfart castle, then a lot of people were walking along a hallway of the castle. Alison asked “What is going on here?” Maurice said “I do not know” Alison pointed to the people who were walking along a hallway of the castle and asked “Did not you make that?” Maurice said “I made a figure based on picture data only” Alison said “Perhaps the figure made by your 3D printer is linked with the real thing” “And I think it is the tourist moving on the hallway”  Maurice said “The one I bought seems a special 3D printer” Alison asked “Where did you buy that?” Maurice said “At a shop on a back alley” Alison asked “Will you go to there?” And they went to the place where the store where he bought a 3D printer at a back alley was, then it was a vacant lot there. Maurice said “A shop should be here” Alison said “I believe you” They have returned to his house. Maurice said “For do not break” and covered a figure of a castle with acryl case. Then the voice has been heard from a figure. [There is a clear wall] The sound with which acryl case is hit was heard. He was surprised and removed acryl case from a figure of Velfart castle. He founded security firm with her and he made and managed a figure of a guard target by a 3D printer. Their security firm got contract from many people immediately, and a leap was famous security firm.

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