The Dive

There was the town named Deckinswill where many commercial buildings stood and much many people came and went. A detective office named Statham detective office was on the fifth floor of the 6-story multi-tenant building built in the deserted back alley of the town. The young director named Oren of the detective office made full use of specific ability and led various cases to the solution. And he used the sixth floor as his house. He dives in deep into the mind of the person whom eyes matched and obtain information to want to know from there and can give a change to a mind and the memory of the person. One day a girl visited his detective office. The girl said “Excuse me” Then Oren came over. The girl asked “Is this Statham detective office” Oren said “Yes. How may i help you?” The girl said “I am Margot Henderson” “Please investigate a man named Kit Oakley” Oren pointed to a the sofa and said “Please tell me your talk there”  They moved to there. Margot said “My grandmother who brought up me who lost my parents when i was young, as a substitute for a parent died one week ago, but the man named Kit Oakley who gave his fiance of the grandmother came over to my house with a lawyer suddenly” “The lawyer showed me the notary deed will of my grandmother and thereby told that man succeeded to all of inheritances of my grandmother” “And the house where I lived with my grandmother was sent” He dived in deep into her mind to see her eyes and checked the truth of her remark. Oren said “Ok, i accept the request” Margot took out an envelope from a bag and put it on the table and said “Thank you. This is all of money that my grandmother gave to me during the lifetime” “I do not know whether this will do, but this is retainer fees” Oren asked “How do you live if you hand all this money to me?” Margot said “Please do not mind” and smiled. And he was steamrollered by her and received an envelope. Margot said “Thank you” and bowed to him, then she left the detective office. He found the cafe which Kit often drops in at, and Kit appeared with a lawyer named Abigail Sutherland of Kit when he drank coffee there. He saw the eye of Abigail and dived into the mind of Abigail. And he knew that Kit and Abigail always dated, and Abigail sat on some doubt in where the notary deed will    that Kit let a grandmother of Margot write it, but love to Kit beat it and kept quiet, and he erased love for Kit of Abigail. Abigail said “I break off the contract with you” and  stood up suddenly and left the place. When Kit was upset, Oren saw the eye of Kit and dived in deep into a mind of Kit successively. Oren knew that Kit has the ability that can control the person who touched it, and erased memory of Kit. And Kit which lost memory disappeared Abigail released from spellbinding of Kit talked about all in a court by Kit having lost memory. Therefore Margot was able to succeed to the inheritance of her grandmother. When because she paid him contingency fees, she visited his office, her hair stood on end without any sign suddenly, and her body discharged electricity. He saw her eyes and dived into her mind and let her sleep. And he was impressed deeply with her special ability, and he employed her in his office. The request for people with have the special ability that committed an evil deed came to him in sequence. He accomplished those requests with Margot.

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