The puppeteer

There was Landor doll shop in the main thoroughfare of the town named Fols. The late storekeeper named Fabian of the doll shop was a doll craftsman with the superior technique, but he did not accept a technique of his son named Graham. And Fabian died 3 years ago and Graham became heir storekeeper and he was alone and managed it. There was the person to talk about Graham killed Fabian. And there was the person who was missing in the town of Fols and the neighborhood immediately after Fabian died. People who became missing were killed by Graham, and they were hung like a marionette in the basement of the doll shop and Fabian also was hung like a marionette near people. He went to the basement occasionally, and looked at the corpse which were hung like a marionette and he had an inappropriate smile. And he burnt the corpse which decayed in an incinerator behind the doll shop at midnight. When it was the night of the full moon, Graham killed several people, and he dragged a corpse while avoiding the public eye and carried it in the basement of the doll shop and did a corpse for a marionette. One day he went to the bookstore which opened is across the main throughfare of Fols from his doll shop, and he fell in love with the beautiful woman storekeeper named Monica of the bookstore at first sight and always saw states of her bookstore from his doll shop. He made up his mind and invited Monica to a meal. Graham asked “Would you eat dinner with me?” Monica said “Ok” and they ate dinner at the restaurant. Then they have begun to dating. When he was the night of the full moon even after beginning to dating with Monica, he killed several people. Monica which thought of his action questioningly for a long time and, when she looks in his doll shop from the window of the second-floor bedroom of her bookstore at the night of a certain full moon, she looked at him who went out to avoid the public eye. And she began his chase but, lost sight of him immediately. When she wandered looking for his figure, she saw he stole up one woman from the rear, and he strangled a woman to death by the rope which he pocketed of his coat. He who noticed her and walked to her slowly. Graham said “I did not want to be known to you” When he was going to tighten her neck with a rope, she stuck his chest with the knife which she carried for self-protection and he died. When, after his death, the police entered his doll shop, the police detected the innumerable corpses which were able to hang like a marionette  in a basement of his doll shop.

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