The pedorthist

There was a shoe shop named Beckett shoe shop in a long-established store in a town named Felvynx. A boy named Gilbert of next 16th shoe shop owner gets training of shoemaking by his father of 15th shoe shop owner while, he was managing a shop with his father. The shoe shop owner had been a shoemaker and a pedorthist for generations. But when he became grown-up as a shoemaker, his father had trouble with the heavy disease and became bedridden. And he was managing a shop while nursing his father. One day his father gave him something wrapped in cloth from a sickbed of his father. There were the old shoes. His father said “Touch the shoes” When he touched shoes, a fairy appeared from shoes. Gilbert asked “Daddy, is this a fairy?” His fairy said “She is a fairy od the shoes” “Because I die soon, Thipi please contract my son” Gilbert said “Do not say such thing, daddy” His father said “Gil, make a contract with directions of Thipi” Gilbert said “Ok” Thipi said “Open a palm of a right hand and turn to me” Thipi put a small bruise on its palm he opened, and she dabbed his palm with a palm, then their bodies were wrapped in light. When they look at a bed, his father died. He grieved and fell. Thipi supported he which is distraught with grief, and they held a funeral of his father. When he cooled down, Thipi said “Your father and your family have made special shoes with the contract formed with me” “You make the special shoes with me too” Gilbert asked “What should I do?” Thipi said “You make the shoes which fit each customer as a pedorthist using my power” He ascertained a bad part of the body of the customer using the power he has got by contract with Thipi, and he made the shoes which fitted the respective customers. Thipi gave the special power to the shoes, and made sure that the visitor can use it comfortably. And they managed a shop together.

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