The converter

There were a boy baby named Tristan who lives with his parents in a big town named Verfesta. His parents gave him a teddy bear on his birthday of five years old. When he touches a teddy bear on his left hand, it has begun to move. Tristan said “Hello, I am Tristan” “You are name is Mick” Mick said “Hello, Tristan” His parents were surprised and froze. Tristan said “Thank you daddy, mammy” His mother asked “Why can Mick move?” Tristan said “When I touched Mick on my right hand, he has begun to move” His father said “Well, touch Mick on your left hand” When he touched Mick, Mick stopped a movement. And his parents understood that he can change the organic matter which touched on his right hand to the inorganic matter, and it is possible to change the inorganic matter which touched on his left hand to the organic matter. His father said “Wear gloves so as not to move anything else” Tristan asked “May I make sure that Mick can move?” His parents stared at each other and said “Ok” Tristan said “Thank you” When he touched Mick on his right hand, he wore gloves on his both hands. Tristan asked “Will you be my friend, Mick?” Mick said “Of course” And he played with Mick. Then he has moved to the country town named Granbell to hide his ability with his parents. Therefore he always wore gloves on his both hands and hid its ability. But one day which have passed for a while since he entered an elementary school the bad child named Jeremy famous at the town which thought of his always wearing gloves unpleasantly made them take off his gloves by force. And the boy who touched his right hand changed to a doll. Before noticing other people, he touched Jeremy on his left hand quickly. Then Jeremy changed to the original figure. He wore gloves quickly. But he confessed his ability to residents resolutely  the several days later. He thought was disliked by residents, but residents accepted him. And he lived with the various things which changed with the special ability of his both hands and residents. And Mick became an idol in the town.


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