The metamorphosis

Medicines unlike the medicine which was usually produced were produced as a result that many chance piled up in a certain medicine company in the town named Mernos. When the medicine company transported it to the research institute to judge the medicine at the chemistry laboratory, it collided with the truck which carried liquid sugar. And liquid sugar and the medicine which were in the tank by the shock protruded from cars, and the driver of two cars sent baggage to each import ahead without noticing that baggage had been replaced. The chemistry laboratory inspected carried liquid sugar and sent a test result to the medicine company by an email on the day. The person concerned of the medicine company wondered, but did not take any action. The medicine carried to the small sweets factory named Cather sweets factory in the edge of Mernos was used as liquid sugar and became the jelly beans. The 10-year- old girl named Anastasia of the regular customer purchased the jelly beans which was sold at a store adjacent to a factory, and there was in large quantities. The girl purchased the jelly beans which was sold at a store adjacent to a factory, and there was in large quantities. She was a regular customer, and she purchased jelly beans in large quantities whenever she visited the store. When she classified one jelly beans into her mouth on the way to a house, and she walked, one cat appeared before her. And she patted the cat, then her body metamorphosed into a cat. She was surprised at her body having metamorphosed into a cat, but she played with the cat for a while. She came to her senses suddenly, and thought she want to return to a human body. Then her body returned to a human body, and she came home. When she who came home put jelly beans in the drawer in desk of her room, and she opened the cage in the corner of her room, a ferret named Markus jumped at her from a cage. Then her body metamorphosed into a ferret. Markus was surprised at she who metamorphosed into a ferret, but he was playful to her. When she played with Markus, her mother knocked at her room door. And she thought she must back to the original state early.,then her body returned to a human body. Her mother entered her room and said “the dinner was ready” Anastasia said “Ok, i go soon” And she put Markus in a cage and went to the living room and ate dinner. She ate one jelly beans on the next morning, and touched the hawk named Henry which her father kept before she went to the school, then her body metamorphose into a hawk. She who metamorphosed into a hawk put several jelly beans in a locket and wore it, and flapped for approximately ten minutes, then went down sky in the forest of the back of the school. And the squirrel was in her step and the squirrel looked at her and became stiff. She stared at the squirrel anxiously and touched it by a wing lightly, then her body metamorphosed into a squirrel. The squirrel turned the look that seem to want to play with her to her. Anastasia said “I must go to school” and she returned to a human body. Then the squirrel stole in her bag. She who did not know that a squirrel entered her bag went to school with the bag on foot. When she arrived at the classroom and opened the bag, a squirrel jumped out from her bag. Her classmate who noticed to a squirrel approached to touch a squirrel. Then the squirrel ran around in the classroom among. Her teacher said “Anastasia. do not bring an animal in a school” “Capture a squirrel early!” Anastasia said “Sorry” She said “Because I play with you later, come on” while running after a squirrel. Then the squirrel ran up her body and got on her left shoulder. She took a class with putting a squirrel on the left shoulder and when a class was over, she went to the forest of the back of the school and played with the squirrel. When she left the squirrel in the forest and was going to leave the place, the squirrel ran up her body again and got on her left shoulder. Anastasia asked “Do you come to my house?” The squirrel seemed to smile at her. Anastasia said “Well, the name is necessary for you” And she thought about the name of the squirrel. She came up with the name and said “Your name is Christelle” When she looked at the squirrel, the squirrel seemed to be joyful. And she metamorphosed into a hawk, and she put a squirrel on her back, and flew away for home. She who metamorphosed into a hawk entered in from the window of her open room and she returned to a human body. Then Markus went out of the cage by oneself and came over to her step. Markus which noticed existence of Christelle seemed to want to play with her. Because she played with him happily, Anastasia left them in the room and ate dinner. When she finished eating dinner and came back to her room, she felt some kind of signs and opened the window of the room then the innumerable eyes which shined in darkness looked into her room from the outside of the window. She edged back, then the owl entered her room at the window. And the tip of the wing of the owl touched with her body, and she metamorphosed into an owl. Anastasia asked “What can i do for you?” The owl said “I am Morgan” “I heard the human rumor that can metamorphose into an animal and came here from Vernal zoo” Anastasia asked “Where did you hear the rumor?” Markus said “Sorry, I told about you to animals” Anastasia said “Ok” “Did you run away from the zoo?” Morgan said “Yes. The zoo gives animals feed for cost reduction only once in three days, and  because the place that a visitor cannot see becomes insanitary, there is the animal dying having a disease” “Please save animals of the zoo by your power” Anastasia said “Guide me to the zoo!” Morgan said “Thank you” Christelle said “We also go together” Anastasia said Ok. Well, ride on my back!” Markus and Christelle jumped onto her back. They followed after Morgan and took off for Vernal zoo. She who arrived the zoo followed it after Morgan and went the animals which objects to a revolt. And she metamorphosed into various animals and persuaded  animals with Morgan, then the animals accepted her persuasion. She fed animals jelly beans and let birds touch it, then large animals metamorphosed into a bird. She carried animals to the place surrounded by rich nature from the zoo with Morgan. When she who came home after it dawns went to school, it was thrown into an uproar that animals of the zoo disappeared overnight. She became kind for animals. A decade later, she who graduated from a high school took to live with animals at the place where animals which she carried before lived in.

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