Silver coins

There was a country named the Republic of Chervios where untouched nature is left much. The rumor that three silver coin with the distorted sharp by which a portrait of the king in the Irvansk kingdom on the surface and the design like the map on the back were designed. which indicates the place where treasures in an ancient kingdom named the Irvansk  Kingdom which prospered before about two thousand years at the place where Chervios is here at present is hidden was scattered all over the country. The boy named Thomas who lives in the capital named Grevista of Chervios checked it about the the silver coin with the distorted sharp with the distorted sharp he took over from his grandfather, then he knew that one of a silver coin about which the silver coin taken over from his grandfather is scattered all over the country. But he did not believe that. One day when he went home, he came across the robber who stole into his house. Thomas asked “Who are you?” The robber “Where is the silver coin?” and has fired a gun for him. He avoided the bullet a robber shot and escaped from his house. And he understood that the silver coin he took over from his grandfather was the silver coin which indicates the location of treasures where an ancient Irvansk Kingdom was hidden. He who has decided to look for treasures a silver coin indicates fled from the thief who aims at a silver coin and is running after him. And he arrived at the dense forest in the southern extremity in Chervios at the end when he roamed all over the country by making reference to the design like the designed map in the back of the silver coin. Then two people of men and women who look at a silver coin were here there. Two people of men and women who noticed his existence hid a silver coin quickly. Thomas asked “Do you have a silver coin too?” The man said “If you do a strange movement, I shoot you” and aimed a gun at him. Thomas said “Do not shoot me” The woman asked “Who are you?” Thomas said “I am Thomas” “I have looked for the place which was indicated by the silver coin taken over from my grandfather and have come here” The man said “Show me your silver coin” He showed them his silver coin. The man said “This is real” The woman said “I believe you” “I am Heather” Thomas said “Thank you” Heather said “Because it was revealed that he is not an enemy, lower a gun, Allan” Allan said “Ok” and lowered a gun. When they reached around the central part in a dense forest, the army which appeared aimed at a silver coin, and surrounded them. When they which cornered moved back, the ground of their feet fell suddenly, and they fell under dozens of meters. But they were not injured because the place where they fell was a subterranean lake. When they are going up from a subterranean lake and are advancing the aisle, the army which runs after them fell into a subterranean lake. They reached a dead end, and they thought they are all over. Heather noticed that there is a strange fold on a wall. When she dabbed the fold with a silver coin, a silver coin fitted in. Allan and Thomas which noticed  also put the respective silver coins in a fold on a wall, then Traps have started at the same time as a wall opened, and the army which has run after them died of various traps. There were many treasures which beam in the inside on the wall which opened. they divided treasures among three people and brought it home, then they did rich living respectively.


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