There was the animal loving boy named Ram in the rich natural island named Cyphekt where a lot of animals lives. One day when he went to a beach, he saw the scene which penguins are attacked by a killer whale. He sent a killer whale away in order to be desperate and defend penguins but the one he could help safely was only one egg which is not hatched out. And he brought the egg his house, and he heated up the egg in his room secretly for his parents. It was reported by news that a great deal of penguins were dead at a beach. When he woke up in a morning at Christmas, the egg hatched. The male penguin which saw his figure looked up at him, and cried. Ram said the penguin “Wait a  moment” and has bought milk for pets and a srynge by a pet shop in neighborhood and he has returned to his room quickly.  When he returns to his room, a penguin has nestled close to him. He gave milk to a penguin. One name occurred to him suddenly Ram said “Your name is Noel” Then the penguin seemed cried as glad about that name. Ram said “I have to go to work” Noel cried sorrowfully. Ram said “Wait a moment by a good child” “When work ends, I will return immediately” and was worried about Noel, but he went to work. His mother who entered his room in order to clean while he was going to work thought of Noel which was in his room as a doll, but Noel moved suddenly, so she was surprised and cried. Noel was surprised at a cry of his mother, and he cried too. But his mother has begun to look after Noel. When he finished work and went home quickly, his mother was holding Noel in her arms. His mother asked “Why did that you have this penguin in your room, Ram?” Ram said “He hatched from safe egg only by the group of the penguin which was attacked by the killer whale I brought home” His mother said “Ok” Ram asked “May I bring up Noel?” His mother said “In this country the person who touched a wild penguin is accused, but growing up of the penguin is arrested” Ram asked “So, how should I do Noel?” His mother said “You have to obtain a permit in this country” Ram asked “How can I obtain a permit?” His mother said “I will contact the government” Ram said “Thank you mum” His mother made a contact to a government and explained circumstances. And his mother succeeded to obtain a permit somehow. He kept looking after Noel with his mother. Noel always followed after him in several weeks. Then Noel was becoming an idol in the town gradually.

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