Men of a calm village named Fevranz aged day by day from several years ago. The professor named Marcelo Cavaco doing demonology heard the rumor and came to the village. And he who interviewed men of the town understood that men are absorbing vigor by succubus. Men said “Make Larissa meet!” severally. He who stayed in the house village mayor named Tiago Silva prepares a trap in the room and has gone to bed. Then a few minutes later, something got on it on his body. A fascinating woman appeared in his dream. Marcelo asked “Are you Larissa?” The woman said “Why do you know my name?” Marcelo said “Because you are a celebrity in the village” Larissa asked “Who are you?” Marcelo said “Before asking me, tell about yourself” Larissa asked “What do you know about me?” He chuckled. Larissa asked “What is funny?” and pounced him. But he woke up, so he did not get the offensive of Larissa. And he jumped off from a bed and went to a corner in the room quickly. He saw the ugly elderly woman who is on the bed. Marcelo said “A boundary zone is formed beforehand in this room” He gave Larissa a thrust by a holy dagger named Santa luz. Then Succubus which was introducing itself as Larissa became extinct. Vigor has returned to the men who absorbed vigor for Succubus at the same time as Succubus became extinct. Fevranz took back peaceful every day like before.

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