The labyrinth of remains

There was a country named Vagrus having vast desert. Because the boy named Aymen who lived in the village near the desert named the Ahmar Desert, his father and his uncle were guides of the desert, he also became a guide of the desert for a guide of the desert like his father and his uncle. But the rumor that remains in the desert spread out out of nowhere, and many treasure hunters flocked in the desert. One day his father and uncle were killed by treasure hunters who aims the remains in succession. And his mother who worried about his body was going to dismiss a guide of the desert to him, but he did not accept it determinedly. Thereafter he took distance with his mother, and he lived including a single life. The girl named Ines of his childhood friend visited his house worrying about relations with he and his mother every day, but there was not the progress. And when several months passed after his father and his uncle were murdered, 5 men and women like the treasure hunter came over to his house with Ines. Ines said “Aymen, i was captured by them” Aymen asked “Are you ok Ines?” Ines said “I am ok” Aymen asked “Who are you?” “Release her!” The man who seems to be the most robust of 5 men and women said “I am Kenneth of a treasure hunter” “If you lead us to the remains of the desert, we will release this woman” The man who seems to be the frivolous of 5 men and women said “Do not say such a thing, give the woman to me” Kenneth said “Shut up, Boris!” The man who touches it with a gun frequently of 5 men and women sneered at Boris. Then Boris cried “Do not make a fool of me, Walter!” and struckhe man who touches it with a gun frequently of 5 men and women. Kenneth hit one gun for the sky and said “Stop it!” Boris said “Sorry, Kenneth” Aymen said “I guide you to remains of the desert” Kenneth said “Ok, but after we come back from the desert, release her” Aymen asked “Why?” The man of the deaf-mute of 5 men and women said “The woman is a hostage” by sign language. Boris asked “Leroy, did you take the camel?” by sign language to the man of the deaf-mute of 5 men and women. Leroy said “Of course” Kenneth asked “Did I order it from you, Boris?” Boris said “Yes, sorry” Kenneth said “Matilda, take care of this woman” to the woman of 5 men and women. Matilda said “Ok” Kenneth said “Guide us right now to remains of the desert” Aymen said “Ok” He fixed the equipment, then he went to the remains of the desert by the camel with treasure hunters and Ines while being anxious about Ines. When several hours passed after they went to the desert in camels, an oasis appeared front of them. Boris which the thirst of the throat was unbearable to changed the course of the camel for an oasis. Then at his feet became like an ant lion, and his body and his camel have begun to be swallowed to the underground. Kenneth threw a rope to Boris and cried “Catch a rope!” When Kenneth confirmed that Boris caught a rope, he pulled a rope with Walter and Leroy and rescued Boris. At the same time Boris was rescued, his camel was swallowed  to the underground. Kenneth said “If you want water, say!” and handed a water bottle. Boris said “Sorry” and drank water. Boris rode with a camel of Leroy, and they have begun to advance again for remains. When the sun has begun to set , remains appeared front of them. And they got off a camel and entered the remains, then their feet collapsed suddenly, and they dropped to the basement. There was pitch-black space. Kenneth picked up a writer from his pocket and turned on a light, then there are several skeletons which lay in his feet. Ines screamed suddenly. Aymen asked “What happened Ines?” and looked for Ines with the help of the light of the lighter, then they saw several snakes in her feet lighted up by the light of the lighter. Kenneth picked up a bone, and he bound a bone with the clothes which a skeleton wore and sprinkled oil and fired it. Leroy and Walter also did a bone like a torch. And when they ran at the place such as the long passage while sending away a snake using a torch, Boris found anything that light sparkled in the small room beside the corridor, and he entered the small room. When the door of the small room disappeared suddenly, and he looked around, Innumerable harpies from the ceiling and attacked him. When Matilda noticed that there was not Boris and looked back, they heard scream of Boris and several gunshots. Boris beat against the gun for harpies, but the blow was not successful. They arrived at the place where  they heard scream of Boris, but there was a wall there. However, they broke a wall with a gun. Kenneth said “Matilda, Be here with those fellows” When they sink in the hole of the wall and enter inside, there were innumerable harpies devoured a body of Boris there. When harpies gave a shrill call, and soared, harpies made nose dive to Kenneth and his troupe to attack them. They fired away at harpies with a gun. And Harpies won a bullet and dropped in sequence. Boris became a tragic figure. Kenneth covered a body of Boris with his jacket. Then they left the room, then Kenneth which went out of the small room noticed that that the ahead passage where they went to wound. But they went ahead through the passage that wound again. When they went ahead through the passage for a while, they arrived at the place where the passage was divided into two ways. They went ahead through one of the passage divided into two ways, then they arrived at the dead end. When they were going to return to the place where a passage was divided into two ways, a spider line climbed all over a body Aymen and Leroy suddenly. The spider line climbed all over their body like a cocoon. Ines cried “Aymen!” It was prevented that she went to Aymen for Kenneth and Walter. And Kenneth returned to the place where a passage was divided into two ways while shooting a gun to a huge golden-web spider with Matilda and Ines and Walter. Aymen and Leroy were carried in the place where was full of cobwebs by huge golden-web spider. When Aymen stole out of the spider line which climbed all over his body like a cocoon, he saw Leroy was going to be eaten close to him by a huge golden-web spider. He shot a gun to a huge golden-web spider, but the gun did not work at all. The huge golden-web spider which swallowed whole Leroy attacked Aymen. Aymen shot a gun to a huge golden-web spider while getting away from the attack of the huge golden-web spider, but pressed him so that a golden-web spider stepped over his body. He avoided the attack due to the leg of the huge golden-web spider which was going to go through his body, and he stuck a bayonet into the stomach of the huge golden-web spider. Then the huge golden-web spider bled from the abdomen in large quantities and fell down. And he was crushed under the huge golden-web spider, but crawled out from there. When he went out of the place where is full of cobwebs, he has begun to look for Ines. And He found the passage where is full of the cobwebs which a huge golden-web spider used, and he went ahead through the passage. On the other hand at that time, when Kenneth and Matilda and Walter and Ines reached the place where a passage was divided into two ways, a Minotaur with the big ax appeared behind them. They rushed into other passage while shooting a gun to the Minotaur. The foot of Matilda got entangled, and she fell down. Matilda cried “Run!” Kenneth was going to rush up to Matilda, the Minotaur appeared again. Matilda fired all bullets into a body of the Minotaur, then one Minotaur fell down by a bullet of Matilda, but her neck was cut off by remaining Minotaur Kenneth and Walter escaped from Minotaur on the run with Ines while shooting a gun to Minotaur. Two Minotaur chased their trace. And Walter was going to throw a grenade for Minotaur, but Kenneth said “This place may collapse when you use the grenade here!” and prevented it. Walter said “Ok” Ines said ” I cannot agree” “It would be better that I died with guys if I am murdered easily by guys” and took a grenade and threw it for the Minotaur. Then the body of one Minotaur vanished, but remaining Minotaur was approximately unhurt. Aymen which noticed an explosion faced the place where he heard an explosion at that time. The Minotaur approached to them, then Aymen jumped off the overhead of the Minotaur. And he cut a body of Minotaur with a bayonet quickly and fired a bullet into the head of the Minotaur last. Ines said “Aymen” and embraced him. Walter asked “Were you safe?” Aymen said “I knocked down a huge golden-web spider” Kenneth said “I see” And when they went ahead through the complicated passage and passed for a while, they arrived at the space that opened out. There was the treasure which could not count there. When Walter filled his bag with treasure absorbedly, a snake appeared behind him. He noticed to a snake and fired a bullet into a snake. The snake exposed a whole body. And they knew that the snake was the snake of the alation with a head at each end.  Walter asked “What is that monster?” Ines said “That monster named the amphisbaena” Walter shot a gun the amphisbaena again. His bullet hit a amphisbaena, but he was not able to give a amphisbaena damage because the body of the amphisbaena was protected to a thick scale. One head of the amphisbaena faced to Walter, and the amphisbaena breathed poison to him. A part of his left foot and his left arm which poison splashed of the amphisbaena has melted. And he died after suffered and writhed. Kenneth was going to pick a short distance attack with a snake, but Aymen prevented it. Kenneth asked “why did you stop me!” Aymen said “I have a good idea” and handed Ines the torch which Walter had. Kenneth said “Well explain!” Aymen said “While I and you attack each head of the amphisbaena, we avoid the attack of the amphisbaena, and we let a amphisbaena attack other head of the amphisbaena” Kenneth said “Ok” Aymen said “You hide in the safe place, Ines!” Ines said “Ok, good luck” and evacuated. And Aymen and Kenneth have begun to attack each head of the amphisbaena. They put timings together, and they ran to the direction where each other was. Then the amphisbaena breathed poison for each head of oneself according to expectations of Aymen. And the part of each head of the amphisbaena melted by poison of oneself. The amphisbaena got furiously angry and attacked them, but they fired a bullet into the part which melted by poison innumerably, then the amphisbaena did not move. Aymen called Ines. And they put some treasure in a bag, and they advanced to the depths of the room looking for an exit. They found the door of the stone in a few minutes, and they pushed the door with every effort, then a door opened. There were the stairs which spread out to the outside world in the other side of the door. When they ran up the stairs, there was the camel which they rode near. And they returned to the village on a camel. Then Aymen and Ines got married several years later, and they became desert guide together, and they spent it happily both officially and privately.

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