The circus

A newborn baby made it left in front of the tent of the circus troupe named Boyd Circus which was touring at a certain town. The baby was named Rodney and was brought up as a member of a circus troupe. And he was making them do chores. The members despised him, and he was isolated. When he goes to the tent by which it has animals to feed animals, voice has been heard from everywhere. <Who is that fellow?> He surveyed the vicinity, but there was no one. Rodney asked “Is there anyone?” <Is our voice heard?> <There would be no such possibility> He noticed that the one he heard was voice of animals. Rodney saw a bear in the cage with Luke was written on the name plate, and he said “I hear your voice, Luke” to the bear. Luke was surprised and fell. Rodney asked “Are you ok?” Voice has been heard from his back. <Because his body is strong, it is not all right to worry> When he looked back, a lion in the cage with Fred was written on the name plate was there. Rodney said “I have come to feed you” Fred asked “Are not you afraid of us?” Rodney said “Yes” Fred asked “Why?” Rodney said “I speak the same language with you, so I do not fear you” Fred said “You are fascinating” “I liked you” Rodney said “Thank you” And he visited a tent of animals next day. Luke asked “Did you also come today?” Rodney asked “Is it troublesome?” Fred said “It is not troublesome, but why did you also come here?” Rodney said “Because I which do not have a friend and was lonely found and the partner who can communicate equally are you” Fred said “Ok” Rodney spoke to Fred about his growth. And the head of a circus troupe who knew him frequently to visit in a tent of animals made him savage beast usage. Then he was being watched gradually.

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