The catacombs

There was a circled town named Febronsica in the land made desolate. The building built in around 17th century was found in plenty at the town in recent years, and it was watched by the world. There were his mother and a very active boy named Alberto living in the town. One day when he went to the hill where he can look a town around with his girlfriend named Francesca and his friend named Giovanni, they found a cave there. Giovanni asked “Would you like to enter this cave?” Alberto said “The light is needed” They go home, have taken a torch and returned in the front of the cave. Francesca said “There seems to be something and I am afraid” Alberto said “It seems fascinating” “You may stay here, Cesca” Francesca said “I go too” They entered a cave to depend on the light of a flashlight and went down to underground, then they saw an countless mummy lay there. Francesca screamed. Alberto grasped hand of Francesca and said “I am next to you” Giovanni said “Here seems the Catacombs” Francesca asked “Will you go home?” A sound has been heard from the inside in a cave. Alberto asked “Is there anyone?” It was irresponsive. A girl appeared ahead of the light of a torch of Francesca  suddenly. Francesca was surprised and screamed. Giovanni asked “What are you doing here?” The girl said “I was exploring here” Alberto asked “What is your name?” The girl said “I am Rosalba” Rosalba asked “And you?” Alberto said “I am Alberto” Alberto pointed to Francesca and said “She is Francesca”, and pointed to Giovanni and said “He is Giovanni” Giovanni said “We have come here to explore” Alberto asked “Did you find anything fascinating?” Rosalba said “No” Alberto said “Ok” Francesca said “I am sorry to scream” Rosalba said “I  am sorry to make you feel afraid” Alberto asked “Will you explore here with us, Rose?” Rosalba said “If you do not dislike that” They advanced towards the depth of the cave together  while doing a word-chain game because Francesca is not afraid. Then they saw several mummies which wear medieval dresses. Rosalba had disappeared all too soon. When they looked around, she lay with mummies. And they understood that the one they met was an eidolon. When they went out of the cave, voice was heard from their back. [Thank you] They often visited the Catacombs and offered a toy and a snack for Rosalba and the other dead people.

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