The sharp

There was the boy named Peter who lived in the certain quiet residential area with his parents. One day, when he celebrates his 7-year-old birthday with his parents at a restaurant, then the woman who makes stalking of his father grasped a knife and did it on their table. The woman thrust a knife at neck him and said “I loved you all the time” “Why will you love me?” His mother screamed. Peter cried “Mammy, daddy  help me” His father said “Please, release Peter” The woman said “There is not the person loving you than me” “If you promise you divorce your wife and marry me, i will release your son” His father said “I cannot do such a thing” Then the woman put a knife on his neck and asked “Don’t you care what happen to your son?” His mother said “Because I sign a divorce paper, release Peter” The woman took 2 pieces of paper out of a bag and put it on the table and said “Well, sign this divorce paper now here” “And sign this registration of a marriage!” His mother signed a divorce paper while crying. The woman said “You also sign” to his father. His father signed a divorce paper and the registration of a marriage. And when the woman took the registration of a marriage as a divorce paper, the woman pushed him away toward his mother and said “I will have nothing more to do with your son” Then the police officer who rushed by the report of the employee of the restaurant surged into a restaurant. The woman said “I die if I am caught” and stuck a knife into her chest. She died with grasping the registration of a marriage to her left hand. He was released safely, but this case was an opportunity, and he suffered from belonephobia and his parents got a divorce. His mother concerned about belonephobia that he suffered from removed a sharp thing from their house. He hid belonephobia outside the house and lived. He could not use a mechanical pencil, a ball-point pen, and he always used the pencil that the tip round at school. And he was made fun of for it. But he might come to feel sick in an elementary school, a junior high school, a high school, but kept on enduring it. He took an entrance examination for it in spite of objection of his mother distantly in University of Wybros in the remote town from the town where his and his mother lived in. And he passed the university and began a single life in the apartment near the university. When he walked the corridor of the school building on the day of the entrance ceremony, he collided with the very pretty girl. He fell in love with her at first sight. A few days later, when he took the first class in a classroom, the girl whom he met on the day of the entrance ceremony entered the classroom. Professor Craig asked “Are you tardy from the first day of the class Ms. Collins?” The girl said “I am sorry, professor…” Professor Craig said “I am Craig” The girl said “I am sorry, professor Craig” “I overslept” Professor Craig said “Sit at the seat” She sat at the seat next to him. Peter said “I met you on the day of the entrance ceremony” The girl “I remember you” “I am Tiffany” Peter said “I am Peter” Professor Craig said “Be quiet!” Peter and Tiffany said “Sorry” When a class was over, they began a talk again. Tiffany asked “Why did you use the pencil that the tip round?” Peter said “Because i am a belonephobiac” Tiffany asked “What is it?” Peter said “It is fear of needles” “I suffered from belonephobia after a knife was thrust at a strange woman when I was young” “I do not know why I told such a thing to you whom there was for the first time” Tiffany said “Do not mind” “Do you not go to meet a professor, because there seems to be a famous psychological professor in this university?” Peter said “Thank you” She made an appointment with psychological professor Harrison, and they went to the laboratory of the professor a few day later. they visited professor Harrison several times together, and they were attracted each other and began dating. They got married when she graduated from a university, and she supported him.

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