The necrophilia

There was the port town named Wythmelk where a lot of various sea foods were unloaded The girl named Carla who lost mother early, and was a motherless family moved in to the town on account of the work of her father who worked in a food processing company. When she carried baggage to the house with her father, and they put it, an old woman came over to her. Carla asked “Who is this?” The old woman said “Monique where I live in the neighboring house” Monique asked “Do you know the case to be taking place around this town?” Carla asked “What kind of case is it?” Monique said “It is the disappearance case of the girl” Carla asked “Is it true?” Monique said “Yes, it is frequent from three years” Carla asked “Is there the person who came home?” Monique said “No, take care” Carla said “Thank you for being able to tell me it” And because Monique went home, she carried baggage to the house again and put it. When she made friends with the classmate of the high school of the transfer and got a boyfriend named Eliot, and she forgot to have been said in Monique, an announcement to tell about a thing when a girl disappearance case occurred again sounded through the downtown. According to the announcement, the girl who disappeared was one of the friends of Carla. Eliot which worried about her commuted to and from the high school with her every day from the day. And she who came home told it to her father. Her farther said “I am not left this town on account of the work, but you go out of this town” Carla said “I stay in this town with daddy” Her farther “Ok, but be careful” Carla said “Of course” One day there was one cafe there when she went to the hill which could look around the town. When she entered the cafe, a storekeeper sat on the counter and drank beer. And she took her place at the table and ordered coffee. Then when she looked around casually, the customer was only her in a shop and she noticed that there was the door which gave off a strange atmosphere in the depths of the counter. hen she felt fear, and coffee was carried, she drank it up immediately and was going to go out of the shop. But she lost mind suddenly and fell down. And she was carried in a dusky basement by the man of the storekeeper, and handcuffs were worn, and she could be connected with a fixed firm chair, and packing tape was put on the mouth. When she regained consciousness, she looked at the big freezer of her front, and the floor was dark red, and was dyed on the left side, and the body was in agony with fear. The corpse of her friend who disappeared on her right side lay. The man cut the corpse of her friend in front of her and has begun to eat. When she shed tears in fear, she heard a voice of Eliot which called her name from somewhere. Eliot where she saw the figure which went to the hill alone worried about her, and he ran after her and did it to a cafe. She made a sound by her feet desperately to have her existence notice Eliot. Eliot which noticed a sound went down the stairs and came over. Eliot asked “Are you ok, Carla?” Then the man who emerged from his rear suddenly struck him. He counterattacked a man while staggering and knocked down a man. They appeared from a cafe immediately and called the police. According to the investigation by police, the man was a manager named Cedric of the common cafe until three years ago, after having spent a few days with the corpse of his wife who became dead three years ago, as for him, he ate the corpse of his wife. And he abducted the woman similar to his wife and killed it, and he ate it after having spent a few days with the corpse.

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