The perfumer

There was a girl named Lindsey carrying on a manufacturing store of the perfume on an alley in the big town named Movral from the past with her parents. They were the family with they are on good terms very much, and because Lindsey has a good nose, she studied a perfumer while was helping her parents. One day she was the wedding anniversary of her parents, so she invited dinner for her parents. But just after having gone out of the restaurant, her parents were stuck by someone and they died. The man who appeared in the police in a morning the next day admitted killing of her parents. She who has finished a funeral of her parents closed the perfumery temporarily and, she concentrated on study of the perfumer. When she who acquired the qualification of the perfumer is going to make a store resume, one strange man appeared. The man said “I am an old friend of your parents” “Do you have the mind to approach a truth for your parents?” Lindsey asked “What does it mean?” “Is not an arrested man a real criminal?” The man said “There am not me in the viewpoint where you can say details to you, but I am not your enemy” and went away. She was skeptical about saying of the man, but she checked it about a mortal truth of her parents. Then the younger brother of her mother and more than one man found out that her parents are dead and concern. She produced the perfume which can have an influence on mind and the eye. She went to the house of younger brother of her mother, and she made a younger brother of her mother smell at the fragrance including the ingredient to which confession is suggested. Lindsey said “Please tell me a mortal truth of my parents” Younger brother of her mother said “I was in trouble about repayment of the debt I made with a gamble, and offered my older sister aid, but it was declined” “The gang named Ratel skull who knew that seems to aim at the perfumery and proceeds of life insurance of my older sister and killed my older sister and brother-in-law” Lindsey said “Ok” and made younger brother of her mother smell at the fragrance she picked out from the plant which puts out a memory. She looked for the hiding place of Ratel skull while doing work of the perfumer, and she discovered that Ratel skull makes the slum named Kvertos in the outskirts in the town a hiding place. She has finished advancing the business hours of the perfumery up. and went to Kvertos. And she threw the fragrance which causes a sleep and put a watch of a hiding place of Ratel skull to sleep, and stole into the hiding place. She made the fragrance which makes mind collapse be filled in a hiding place, and went away. Then she visited a grave of her parents, and she reported that revenge has been achieved.

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