The information leakage

There was a world-famous IT company named Stardust corporation  in the town named Gystris. A thick excellent employee named Eugene of the trust from the boss and the colleague worked in the IT company. One day he and the man named Anthony who works in the sales department which is on very good terms which entered synchronization visited the office where he was. Anthony said “There is the thing which I want to show you” Eugene asked “What?” Anthony said “See this” and handed Eugene a USB memory. And Anthony inserted USB memory in his PC, then there were a lot of photos of the animal which liked his in the USB memory. Anthony said “It is the photo which I took on a journey” Eugene said “Thank you” Anthony said “You are welcome” and left the office where he was. Then a few days later, the boss came at time when he went to his office in the morning and was going to work towards a PC as usual. The boss said “Information might leak out” “Investigate it immediately!” Employees who were in the office same as him and he have begun to investigate it, then it was recognized that information leaked out from his PC. The boss said “Explain!” Eugene said “I do not know it either” The boss said “I did not think that you did something like this possibly” Eugene said “I promise and am not me” The boss “You confine yourself to your house at home until official disposal falls” And he who was thrust the fact that did not have the memorizing at in the body discovered the truth desperately. It was recognized that information leaked out through USB memory of Anthony. He went to the house of Anthony. When he arrived the house of Anthony, Anthony was packing. Eugene asked “Where are you going?” Anthony said “It has nothing to do with you” Eugene said “Explain!” “Why did you let information leak out through my PC?” Anthony said “I disliked you after I entered the company” Eugene asked “Why?” Anthony said “Only you attracted attention, and nobody was interested in me” Eugene asked “Is it all a lie?” Anthony said “I cannot tell you a lie” “My daughter was kidnapped, and it was said that I released a daughter in exchange for the confidential information of the company by the communication from a criminal and I pulled out information from your PC.” Eugene asked “Did you hand information?” Anthony said “Not yet”  Eugene said “I borrow your PC” He let some viruses steal into the USB memory where the information that Anthony pulled out entered. Eugene said “Take this!” Anthony went to the place appointed by a kidnapper and handed a man USB memory. The man let the different man whom there was in a car confirm it. Anthony said “Release my daughter” The man said “After finishing confirmation” The different man whom there was in a car said “It is genuine”  then pushed a girl out of the car. The man escaped on a car. When he confirmed that a daughter of Anthony was released, let the data of the PC of the kidnapper and data of the USB memory removed. Anthony thanked him, and went to the company and told the boss the whole story of the thing. He avoided disposal thanks to confession of Anthony. As a result, the information did not leak out outside, but Anthony became the voluntary retirement. The evil deed that men of the kidnapper committed by the virus which Eugene had in USB memory came to light, then the kidnapper was arrested. Anthony made friends with him more than before.

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