Bajazzo the phantom thief

The 18-year-old boy named Harald who lived in the mansion called the clown palace with his father named Wagner and his mother named Marlisa. His father played an active part as a world-famous clown. There was the collection of precious artworks which his father collected from all over the world in the mansion. He had his father attach the special training of the clown every day. One day when he goes out with a butler named Ferd, the robber entered the mansion where they lived in, and his parents were murdered and was robbed of precious artworks in accord with his mansion. And his mansion was set fire to by the robbery. When he back home with Ferd, his mansion was a sea of flames. And Ferd took him to the house of Ferd. He continued training the clown intensively while living with Ferd. And Ferd looked for the robber who murdered parents of Harald behind the back of Harald. When he began to live with Ferd, and time of 2 years passed, Ferd found the robber that murdered his parents and previous artworks in accord with his mansion which he had stolen by the robber. He noticed Ferd is different than usual. Harald asked “What’s happen?” Ferd said “I found the robber who murdered the master and a wife and stole previous artworks, and set fire to the mansion” Harald asked “Who is that fellow?” Ferd said “Please do not do the revenge murder” Harald said “I do not do such a thing. I take the precious artworks back which was robbed of by that fellow” Ferd said “Ok” “That fellow named Oskar lives in the mansion of the edge of a town” “Oskar was the director of former museum, but has been life be out of order by a debt” “Another one is artworks broker named Rald” “There is not the person who does not know the name of Rald in the underworld” Harald asked “Where is Rald?” Ferd said “Rald lives in the mansion built on the hill which can look around the whole town” He saw the photo of his father dressed in the clown whom he always carried, then he wore the clothes of the clown and did the makeup of the clown same as his father and went to the mansion of Oskar. Oskar was troubled with the return of the debt 10 years ago. And he replaced it secretly with an imitation and stole artworks displayed at the museum which worked as the director, and sold it illegally in the black market. The artworks broker named Rald knew that he sold the artworks of the museum illegally in the black market and Rald drew him into a plan to steal artworks from a mansion of Harald. When he stole into a mansion of Oskar, he found Oskar. Alarm resounded in a mansion. And guards who heard alarm rushed. Oskar said “Restrict this playful fellow early?” He did a gesture in derision of guards, then guards got angry at it and faced him. He did a joke gesture while avoided the attack of guards, then knocked out guards. Oskar asked “What is a purpose?” Harald said “Behave yourself!” and tied up Oskar. “I came to have the artworks which you stole” He stole artworks and escaped from a mansion of Oskar. He invaded the mansion of Rald taking advantage of a dark night on the next day. And he knocked out robust men whom Rald employed and tied up Rald. He scattered the artworks which Rald covered around Rald, because there were not artworks stolen from his mansion and he left the mansion. And he will steal artworks from the many art museums where Rald sold artworks illegally. He came to be called Bajazzo the phantom thief gradually.


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