The flight

There was airlines named Twinkle star Airlines which uses the fashionable costume a famous fashion designer named Desmond Abbott handled worldwide as the uniform of the flight attendant. That airlines was famous enriched services and, with routes to the world. There was an excellent flight attendant named Yuritziry Fernandez of continuous service for the 5th year by Twinkle star Airlines in the country named the Republic of Gyrvell. Her mother was a flight attendant too, but when she was a high school student, the airplane her mother took lost contact at Vithel area of sea. An army searched for an airplane at Vithel area of sea, but it was not possible to find it. She was stricken in the grief deprived of her mother, but she promised a heart that she was a flight attendant like her mother she liked very much, and was a flight attendant. One day the tornado occurred suddenly in the course of the airplane to a resort named Selzea of the tropics she took. The chief pilot announced “I am Ronald Bryce of a chief pilot of this airplane” “I detour to bring in the course of this airplane and avoid an added tornado” They were anxious for the passengers who heard the announcement of the chief pilot, so flight attendants of Yuritziry and her colleague told “no problem” to the passengers holding anxiety. The chief pilot pointed course of an airplane to Vithel area of sea to avoid a tornado. Then a curtain of light appeared in front of the airplane. When an airplane passed through the curtain, crewmembers and passengers lost consciousness simultaneously. They became conscious after a while later. And the airplane they took stopped at the place filled with fog. The boy of the passenger asked his mother “Did we die?” “Is here heaven?” The boy’s mother said “I do not know” Yuritziry said “Please wait a moment, I will confirm the situation for a chief pilot” And she called to confirm the situation for Ronald and a sub pilot named Timothy Olsen in the cockpit. Ronald and Timothy tried a contact in outside many times, but a radio did not connect. Suddenly, a aircraft radio received a message. [Mayday, Mayday This is TSA37] [I lost sight of a present location at a place filled with fog] Ronald and Timothy which heard the flight number understood that the airplane was the airplane which lost contact seven years ago. Ronald said “This is TSA138” “This also loses sight of a present location at a place filled with fog” “Is yor flight number TSA37?” [Yes] Ronald said “If my memory is right, your airplane loses contact seven years before” Timothy and Yuritziry are dating, and he who heard about her mother from her before said “Is a flight attendant Lumina Fernandez in the airplane?” [She is a chief purser of this airplane] Timothy called Yuritziry. Yuritziry which heard circumstances entered a cockpit. And she talked with her mother by a aircraft radio while crying. When they have finished communicating, the huge typhoon which developed rapidly was close to Vithel area of sea. The huge typhoon collided with a curtain of light, then a curtain of light and a typhoon became extinct. TSA37 and TSA138 are in the sea in Vithel area of sea all too soon. Ronald and the chief pilot of TSA37 succeeded in a contact of a aircraft radio, and they were rescued safely. And Yuritziry and Lumina lived together.

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