The evidence that i was

There was the girl named Christina who cohabited with the boyfriend named Dean who continued dating since the days of a high school student in the town named Lybre for 6 years. Morning of one day Dean said “Today’s dinner reserved the special place” went for work. And when they ate, he dropped a knife on the floor on purpose. Then he put a ring in her glass when she had her attention caught with the knife which fell into the floor. She who noticed a ring said “Wow” Dean asked “Will you marry me?” Christina said “Sure” Then he took a ring out of her glass and had it on her finger. She hugged him. Christina said “I became pregnant” Dean asked “Really?” Christina said “Yes, It became clear this morning” He kissed her. And people who were in the restaurant clapped their hand and blessed Christina and Dean. Then they got married happily a half year later. On the next day of the wedding ceremony, she went to the supermarket for shopping and lost a way home, and she called Dean. Christina said “I lost a way home, Dean” Dean asked “Where are you?” Christina said “I do no know” Dean said “Ok. Do not move from there!” Christina said “Ok” He found her place to stay by the GPS of her cell-phone, and he went there. He arrived to her several minutes later. Dean asked “What happened?” Christina said “Sorry, i do not know” Dean said “Ok. Because you may be tired, take a rest slowly today” Christina said “Ok” And they came back to their home. She was not able to come home from the place where she has gone a few days later, and called Dean. Christina said “Sorry, i lost a way home again, Dean” Dean said “Do not move from there” and went to her. When Dean arrived to her, he said “When you are with me, do that you go out” Christina asked “Why?” Dean said “Because I am anxious about you” Christina said “Ok” When they ate dinner, and about one hour passed, she has begun cooking something in the kitchen. Dean asked “What are you doing?” Christina said “I am cooking dinner” Dean said “We just ate dinner” Christina asked “So?” Dean said “Let’s go to the hospital!” Christina asked “Why?” “I am healthy” Dean said “I do not think so” “I will have you inspect it at a hospital” Christina said “Ok” And they went to the hospital where there was their family doctor. Their family doctor diagnose than, said him “Probably she suffer from amnesia” “Receive exact inspection in a general hospital” They received the letter of introduction of the general hospital from their family doctor and went to the general hospital. She received some inspection that was received in the pregnant women than, it was recognized that she suffered from dementia. The doctor said  “Your wife suffers from premature dementia, but treatment is difficult because she becomes pregnant” Dean said “Cure her!” The doctor said “It adversely affects the baby of her stomach when I make medication treatment her” Christina said “I do not want to forget about you” Dean hugged her. The doctor said “I want you to hospitalize” Christina said “I am not hospitalized” The doctor “If anything occurred, please come to the hospital immediately” “I recommend that she write a diary every day” Dean said “Ok” And they came back to their home and she came to write a diary from the day. However, her memory was gradually lost. Dean continued supporting her, but she delivered their daughter named Samantha and died soon. When he finished her funeral service and he arranged her memento, he found the letter which she addressed to his and their daughter. When he opens the envelope written as Dear Dean, a letter to him was enclosed. “I am very sorry that I cannot watch growth of Samantha with you. Though it was a short interval, I could spend it with you and was happy. Because there is me in your heart anytime. PS. Hand a letter on a birthday of Samantha” was written on the letter to him. And he put the bunch of the letter in a safe. He said “Because Sam behaved itself, a letter arrived from mom of heaven” and handed her a letter every year on a birthday of Samantha. When he handed her the last letter on an 18-year-old birthday of Samantha, he said “This is the last letter which wrote before your mom dies” “18-year-old happy birthday Sam. I am sorry not to be able to celebrate a birthday together. I suffer from premature dementia patient. I leave a letter before leaving all, but this letter seems to become the last letter” Samantha said “I thought that daddy wrote a letter” He showed showed a letter to him. The letter was blurred by tears. Dean said “Your mom died on the next day when wrote the last letter” And they assisted each other and lived.

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