The revenge agency

The existence of the agency to revenge for on behalf of a victim on the Internet as if it were true was talked about. The man named Jaka who manages the agency named Revenge agency which clears himself/herself from a grudge on behalf of a victim. And because agent did not collect a request expense from a client and collected it from people who became their target, many requests were always sent to the agency. The request reaches Jaka without a doubt to a client. People working in the agency have experience oppressed by the person who is familiar to the past. Therefore an office worker named Petra investigates request contents and a client thoroughly, and the request reaches Jaka without a doubt in both request contents and client. And Jaka assigned a request to five agents and accomplished a request. Jaka was carrying out a request by the request that he undertook approximately ten years ago, then a client was shot to death in front of the child named Aljaž of the client by a target. Aljaž of the client lost memory from the shock. And Jaka brought up Aljaž as his son. The time went by and became Aljaž 18 years old. One day one agent bore a serious injury by an unexpected accident. Aljaž which knew it said “I want to help with work” to Jaka. Because Jaka did not want to remind Aljaž of a past, he said “No”. But Aljaž told an office worker that he got permission from Jaka. And he has begun to work as an assistant of the agent Bojan in secret to Jaka. When Aljaž just became an assistant of Bojan, he did only failure, and he was hit many times in Bojan. One day the request reached Bojan. [I was used violence on the man of the date, and was hospitalized. The man gets engaged to the daughter of the director of the company where the man works for. Please give the man social sanctions.] was written on the request. Aljaž some failed, but because they have begun to question all the evil deeds that the target committed so far and sent it to various places, the target was assigned to penal servitude as well as social sanctions. Aljaž became an assistant of Bojan, and it was the first request. And Aljaž remembered the day when a memory with his mother and his mother were murdered little by little fragmentarily since he began an assistant of Bojan and passed for a while. He came to be recognized by Bojan and other agents when he began to work as an assistant, and several months passed. Aljaž asked “Are you not my true daddy?” Jaka asked “Did you remember it?” “Yes, i am not your true daddy” Aljaž said “Explain!” Jaka said “When your mother was my client, and I carried out a request, your mother was killed by a target” Aljaž said “Ok” And he became the agent formally. One request reached him who became the agent formally. The client was an only daughter of the companies which followed from generation to generation for more than 80 years. [My daddy was seduced by his close man named Miha, and he purchased an apartment. The apartment was the article which a gang made the haunt. My daddy expected a rent income, but the management of the company declined without being able to get rent and went bankrupt. And my daddy committed suicide to pay a left debt in the life insurance. I thought questioningly and checked Miha which disappeared immediately posthumously of my daddy. Then i knew that a large amount of money crossed it in Miha from the company which sold an apartment to my father. Please give sanctions in Miha] was written on the request. According to the information of Petra, in Miha, he made a company with the money which he cheated father of the client out of and understood that he employed the foreigner who stayed illegally, and he let foreigners do illegal work, and he became a millionaire and put a part in the gang as money paid to the authorities. Aljaž sneaked into the company of m, and he sent the thing which could prove the illegality of the company of Miha to District Public Prosecutor’s Office. Then District Public Prosecutor’s Office Intelligence Department began an inspection in the company of Miha on the day. And various evil deeds became clear, and Miha was arrested. Thereafter various requests reached Aljaž.

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