The night when the star falls

There was the girl named Klea whom stars loved. She entered the university of the town named Colvert with the astronomy department and began a single life. She took the astronomical telescope which she got from her parents by birthday present to the grassy plain behind her house and did astronomical observation on the night of the fine day. One day when she does astronomical observation at a grassy plain behind her house as always, the meteor fell near the place where she was with a loud sound. Then she ran to the place where a meteor fell into. When she arrived at the place where the meteor fell into, one boy stood in the center of the ground which became hollow there. Klea asked “What are you doing?” The boy said “I am looking at the star” Klea asked “Did a meteor not fall here?” The boy said “I do not know. I just came here” Klea said “Ok” “May I look at a star in the next to you?” The boy said “Sure” Klea said  “Thank you. I am Klea” The boy said “I am Paul” She went to the place where she did astronomical observation, and she took her astronomical telescope and came back to the place where he was. And she did astronomical observation then she noticed that Pegasus disappeared. Klea said “Pegasus disappeared” Paul said “Huh” Klea said “See it with this astronomical telescope!” He looked in the scope of her astronomical telescope. Paul said “Oh” Klea asked “What happened to Pegasus?” Paul said “I do not know” “But i think you can see it again soon” Klea asked “So?” They looked at a night sky without Pegasus seat together every night. Then she was gradually charmed by him, and they began cohabitation in her house. One day that they began cohabitation, and passed for a while the people who did the figure which reminded of the signs of the zodiac appeared in her house. Klea asked “Who are you?” Paul asked “Why did you know here?” Paul said “They are the constellation of the signs of the zodiac” Leo asked “Did you think that you were not found to us?” “Return to an original figure!” Then Paul became the figure of Pegasus. Klea said “Explain it!” Paul said “I was in love with you and appeared you with a human figure” Leo said “Paul was taken with them by Taurus and Scorpio and Capricorn” Klea cried “Do not take him” Virgo asked “Do you have the intention to become the constellation?” Klea said “If it is next to him” The Virgo said “Ok” Virgo persuaded Leo with Aries and Sagittarius. And Leo changed her to Cygnus and located it next to Paul.

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