The false life

The man named Bradley lived in the quiet residential area of the town named Koewen with his wife named Michaela and his a daughter named Louisa of the university student. He worked in a government office and was away from home frequently. On the day when he was away from home, Louisa invited her boyfriend named Mark who study at the university same as herto home and she ate dinner with Michaela and Mark. The home had a telephone from Koewen central hospital and Michaela knew Louisa had a traffic accident and was conveyed to the hospital. She called cell-phone and the office of Bradley, but was not connected. She contacted Mark and they went to the hospital where Louisa was conveyed. When they arrived at the sickroom of Louisa, she sat up on a bed. Louisa said “I am sorry for worry mummy” “Thank you for coming Mark” Michaela said “I am glad that you are safe” and hugged Louisa. “I called father, but was not connected, and because Mark came when I prepared that I was alone and went to the hospital, I explained circumstances and came to him with him together” “I talk with a doctor” and went out of the sickroom. Then he hugged Louisa. Mark said “I worried you Lou” Louisa said “Sorry” Mark asked “You said you go to buy the wedding anniversary gift of your parents yesterday, but were you able to buy it?” Louisa said “I bought the gift, but it was broken by traffic accident” and looked sorrowful. Mark said “If you leave the hospital, I go to buy the wedding anniversary gift of your parents with you Lou” Louisa said “Thank you” and kissed his lip. When they are embarrassed each other, Michaela came into the sickroom. Michaela said “I was said a doctor that you needed 3-weeks hospitalization  from a doctor” Louisa said “It is so long” Mark said “I come for your visit every day” Michaela said “I am sorry to bother you Mark” Mark said “Because i am doing it willingly, please do not mind” Michaela and Louisa said “Thank you” One day when one week passed after Michaela and Mark visited Louisa in the hospital, Bradley came home. Bradley said “I am home” Michaela asked “What were you doing where all this time?” Bradley said “Work!” Michaela “I made a call to your cell-phone and office, but was not connected” “Explain it!” Bradley said “My office was lost power, and a call was not only connected” “Was there anything?” Michaela said “Louisa had a traffic accident and was hospitalized” Bradley asked “Is Lou safe?” “Which hospital was Louisa admitted to?” She thought of his behavior questioningly, but did not investigate him so deeply. Michaela said “You should confirm it by oneself” “Lou is in Koewen central hospital” Bradley said “Ok” Then they visited Louisa in the hospital. When they entered into the sickroom, there was already Mark there. Mark asked “Why is there daddy here?” Louisa said “Mark, he is my daddy” Mark said “It is impossible that i can mistake daddy for a other person” “Though you told me and mummy to work as a system engineer in a major company daddy” Michaela asked “Really?” Bradley said “Yes, I am sorry” Michaela left the sickroom on the run. Bradley said “Wait!” and left the sickroom after her. Louisa said “The love for you of me does not change even if you and I were brother” Mark said “Me too” Michaela and Bradley came back to a sickroom. Bradley said “Do not tell this thing until they graduate from a university” They lived posing as a harmonious family for two months from the day. Then Bradley was taken by the police which Michaela caused when the graduation ceremony of the university two months later finishes it. When finished a graduation ceremony, Louisa and Mark eloped.

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