The person who attracts attention

There was the woman named Cindy who worked as a nurse in the affiliated clinic of St. Clement Hospital. She works for the clinic and is the fifth year, and because she was beautiful and gentle and smart, she was popular from the patient and the trust from the nurse of the colleague and the doctor, were highly excellent nurse. She has a boyfriend named Mohamed who works as a physician in same clinic from 2 years ago. Because he was gentle and hear the talk of the patient affectionately, he was very popular from the patient. One day the man named Benjamin who suffered a burn in the left hand in the clinic where they worked came for treatment. The doctor asked “What’s wrong with you?” Benjamin said “I have stepped on a rust nail when I carried baggage of the moving to my new home” Cindy said “You moved to this town, and was a misfortune at the very beginning, but welcome to our town” “All the people living in this town are good peopledy, if you want to be guided to this town i will guide you” Benjamin said “Thank you” The doctor treated his foot. She guided him the town on her off day. And he went to the clinic for a few days He appeared in the clinic again one week later. Cindy asked “What’s wrong with you?” Benjamin explained that he suffered a burn in the left hand by an iron. While she treating him as support of the doctor, she asked “Do you do housework by yourself? The left hand is not usable for a while and is inconvenient” Benjamin said “Thank you” and smiled. Cindy said “Take care of yourself” Then he went to the clinic until a burn healed. The day when he appeared in the clinic was always the day when she worked. He liked her since he looked at her for the first time at a clinic. But one day she and he who saw it when Mohamed made it close witnessed it. One day when she went to get mail from the mail box of her house, an envelope of the sender non-entry was contained among a newspaper and the letters from the friend. And she confirmed them in living, then the nail of the person with the blood came out of an envelope of the sender non-entry and she screamed. Then Mohamed came over to hear her scream. Mohamed asked “What happened?” Cindy pointed to an envelope and said “Please see the envelope” When he confirmed the envelope, a letter came out other than the nail of the person with the blood. It was written in the letter that <look at more me.  from Benjamin> Mohamed asked “Who is Benjamin?” Cindy said “He is a patient of the clinic” Mohamed said “I complain to a fellow directly” Cindy said “You never saw the envelope which has been sent from Benjamin that. OK?” Mohamed asked “Why?” Cindy said “Because the trouble does not want to cause it” Mohamed said “Ok” A little finger of Benjamin was in the mail box of her house the next day. When she went to the clinic, he looked have nothing and was in the waiting room. He was summoned to the consulting room and was asked “What wrong with you?” by a doctor. Benjamin said “Of the saw was too sharp, and I cut a finger” The doctor asked “Do you have the finger cut off?” Benjamin said “No” Doctor said “Cannot restore a finger, but sew up the wound” Benjamin said “Ok” The doctor sewed up the wound of his little finger. Cindy said “Take care of yourself” When she slept in the second-floor bedroom of her house at the night of the day, she heard a sound. And when she went to where she heard the sound fearfully, there was bloody Benjamin which grasped a kitchen knife in a hand in the kitchen. She was not able to move for excessive fear. Then Mohamed which stayed at her house worrying about her appeared and was made a confused fight with Benjamin. She called the police. When Mohamed snatched a kitchen knife from Benjamin and blockaded the motion of Benjamin, several police cars appeared. They regained a peaceful living. It was to have become clear later, but caused a similar case even if Benjamin was living before.


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