The conductor

There was a 11-year-old boy named Van who lived in the residential area in the suburbs of the metropolis named Colnich with his parents and his grandmother. Because his parents worked in double harness in Colnich, he was brought up as a substitute for a parent by his grandmother. He could not be familiar with a school, and there was not a friend, but the girl named Monique of his prettiest childhood friend took care of him in the school year that worried about him. Therefore his classmates were jealous of him and tormented him, but he spent it without saying it in Monique. One day the boy named Lyman who controlled the group which tormented Van at school proposed to Monique. She did not the rumor about Lyman and accepted Dane with pleasure. The rumor is Lyman is a son of the rich man, and the evil deed that he committed was stubbed out so far by the big pipe which his father had, and it was not for public knowledge. And his grandmother who noticed it when Van which went home did it sadly in a house took him out to the flea market. Then when he was taken to the flea market by his grandmother and he looks at neighboring shops while he waits for the shopping of his grandmother, he found a baton which is in a box, and he started at the baton. His grandmother who finished shopping came over him. His grandmother which saw his figure who looked at the baton with wistful eyes paid the price of the baton to a old man of the storekeeper. Then the old man of the storekeeper said “Handle it well” and handed him the baton which was in the box. Then he and his grandmother came their home. When he who came his home took the baton out of a box, he left his home immediately. And he went to the avenue lined with poplar trees which was his favorite place. He sat on the bench near the avenue lined with poplar trees and looked at the trees of poplar, then one named Duncan of the groups tormenting him at school and four boys of the subordinate which tormented him suddenly appeared in the front of him. He hid a b aton at once. Duncan asked “What do you have?” Van said “It does not matter what” The subordinate of Duncan said “We prevent you from saying such an impertinent thing again” Duncan said “Give me it quickly” “Snatch the thing which Van hides” The subordinate of Duncan faced him and threw themselves. Because he strongly grasped a baton and was not robbed of it, he swung it around desperately, then four boys who threw themselves on him stopped movement suddenly. Van did not notice, but boys stopped movement at the same time as the tip of the baton was suitable for boys. Duncan asked “What are you doing?” “Snatch the thing which Van has quickly!” The subordinate of Duncan said “My body does not move” Duncan said “What a nonsense you talk” “Arrest Van quickly!” The subordinate of Duncan said “We do not joke” Duncan asked “What did you do to those fellows Van?” Van said “I do not know”, but he thought that there was special power to the baton and four boys stopped by the power. Duncan said “It is hard to believe that” Van said “Do not come here” and waved a baton and turned the tip to Duncan. Then the body of Duncan did not move. Duncan asked “What did you do to me Van?” Van took a swing of a baton in silence. Duncan and his subordinates became subdued  and they kneeled to Van. Duncan and k obeyed him by Van having taken a swing of a baton. He went to an office of father of Lyman, and people that a relation is close with father of Lyman. He took a swing of a baton after turning the tip of the baton to people and said “Repent of evil deed that you committed so far!”. Father of Lyman and people that a relation is close with father of Lyman told all the evil deeds that oneself committed in communication with a newspaper publisher and the TV station in the past. Therefore people that a relation is close with father of Lyman arrested with father of Lyman. The evil deed of Lyman oneself was found out, and he also was taken to the police. The distance of Van and Monique suddenly came close from the event, and they started dating. And because he does not let anyone touch the baton which can control a person, he entrusted its management to his trustworthy clergyman.

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