The avater

When several years passed after a computer technology developed drastically in A.D. 2358, all people had one avatar per a person. The people used one’s avatar as a person in charge of information processing in the cyber world. The youths who spent it linking with one’s avatar in the virtual reality world in the Internet increased rapidly. The boy named Pierre linked with his avatar named Brian every night and he met his girlfriend named Jennifer who moved to the distance in the virtual reality world. One day his avatar refused it when he was going to do plug in to the Internet. Pierre asked “Brian, why you refuse my plug in?” to his clock type smart device. Brian said “Because unknown viruses are epidemic in the cyber world, and the case with the avatar infected with a virus occurs all over the world, i cannot send you in to the cyber world” Pierre asked “Can you contact Jennifer?” Brian said “I try it” He sent a message to Moira of the avatar of Jennifer. Brian said “I sent a message to Moira, but an answer does not come” Pierre said “I see” and left his house. Then he saw the scene that security patrol robots assaulted the passerby. Pierre asked “Is this also influence of the viruses?” Brian said “Yes” And when he worries about the body of Jennifer, he got call from Jennifer. Pierre asked “Are you ok?” Jennifer said “My apartment was attacked” Pierre asked “What was there?” Jennifer said “I was looking for the manager named Hayden Willer of the IT company named Grent which spread a virus, then i was noticed, and attacked by people of the subordinates of the person” “Because I sneak into Grent and look for vaccine with Moira, you restrict avatars infected with a virus in the cyber world” Pierre said “I am anxious about you” Moira said “I protect Jennifer” Pierre said “Ok, take care” She sneaked into Grent as an infiltration employee. And he did plug in to the cyber world. He shared consciousness with Brian and went to the virtual reality world. Then avatars infected with a virus appeared front of him and attacked him. He avoided the attack of avatars infected with a virus and knocked down avatars. And he He knocked down infected avatars using various weapons that Brian let appear and went to Grent of the cyber world. Then dozens of avatars which guarded Grent appeared front of him and they attacked him to prevent his invasion. But he knocked down guard avatars thanks to support of Brian. He invaded Grent and let security system fall. Jennifer searched a relevant thing to a virus according to guidance of Moira in Grent at that time. She was not able to find the vaccine of the virus, but found the evidence that Hayden spread a virus. And she got away from Grent with a document of the evidence. Grent received the crushing damage by the surprise attack of avatars infected with a virus. Moira sent the document which Jennifer found in Grent to the media. Hayden was taken to the police. Moira got the information that a young woman named Gwen completed a vaccine program and told Jennifer. Jennifer went to the house of Gwen. She explained circumstances in Gwen, and she received the vaccine program of the virus. And Moira sent Pierre it. When Pierre fight against avatars infected with a virus, he received the vaccine program of the virus from Moira. Brian generated the program on a sword, and Pierre knocked down avatars infected with a virus with the sword in sequence. Then the avatars infected with a virus knocked down by Pierre regained sanity in a few minutes. And peace prevailed on cyber world and reality world

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