The mysterious real estate agency

There was a small real estate agency named Congreve real estate agency on the street named Hawkins street which included the restaurant and the office much. A girl named Sevil ran the real estate shop alone. The person and resident of the shop of the neighborhood of her real estate agency had never seen the scene where a customer entered in her real estate agency, because they looked in her real estate agency whenever they went along in front of her real estate agency. One day her real estate agency had a telephone from a customer named Roy. Sevil said “Thank you very much for calling” “This is Congreve real estate agency” Roy said “I heard your real estate agency is for ghosts” “Is your real estate agency really a real estate agency for ghosts?” Sevil said “Yes” Roy said “There is a place wanting you to see it” Sevil said “Certainly. Then please tell me your address because i will visit you tomorrow” Roy said “Ok” and told her his address. She went to the house of Roy next day. Sevil said “I am Sevil of the real estate agency which I told on the telephone the other day” Roy said “Thank you for coming” “I have been waiting for you” Sevil asked “Would you guide the place that you told to me on the telephone?” She entered a certain room with him, then the door closed automatically. And a girl smiled at them. A girl died of an illness in the room more than 30 years ago and was discovered in nobody until she mummified. A girl asked “Who are you?” Sevil said “I am Sevil of real estate agency” “Tell me your name” A woman said “I am Eleanor” “Did you come to here to do what?” Sevil said “I came here to talk with you” Eleanor asked “What?” Sevil said “Nora, you might live so far here, but your place to stay is not here” Eleanor said “Don’t call me Nora intimately” Sevil said “Sorry” Eleanor said “It is my home here” “I do not want to leave this house” “You should leave from this house” and flew chair towards Roy and Sevil. Sevil said “calm down” Eleanor asked “Well, where should I go?” Sevil said “I provide the new house to you” She calmed Eleanor, then she took Eleanor to her real estate agency. She showed Eleanor an apartment. Sevil said “A resident of this apartment is a ghost” “If there is the person whom you want to meet, I invite the person to an apartment” Eleanor said “Ok” Eleanor makes it seem to be dissatisfied slightly, but she begun to live in an apartment and she was loved by other ghosts. And Sevil got an reward from Roy.


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