There was the university named Kaimei University in one of Tokyo and a certain town. A freshman named Takayuki of Kaimei University worked at the bookstore in the station square of Kaimei University Station which was the nearest station of the university. And he fell in love with the girl who came to buy books well at first sight. One day she was waiting for her friend in front of the gate of the university when he who finished a class was going to leave the university. The girl asked “Are you a person of the bookstores of the station squares?” Takayuki said “Yes, you also attend this university” The girl said “I am Megumi of a freshman in the Department of Literature at this university” Takayuki said “I am Takayuki of a freshman in the Department of Economics at this university” “Sorry. Because I am late for work, I must go” Megumi said “Ok” And he went to the bookstore hastily. She has begun to be interested in him, then they began dating. They often visit to various places and repeated dates. And Takayuki asked her “Would you visit to Izumo Shrine together?” on one day before the summer vacation of the sophomore. Megumi said “I do not have the plan of the summer vacation” Takayuki asked “Well, would you vist to Izumo Shrine together?” Megumi said “Yes” And they went to Shimane by a bed limited express named Sunrise Izumo from Tokyo Station on one day of the summer vacation. They who arrived at Izumo Station changed to a train of Ichibata railways and went to Izumo Shrine. When they arrived at Izumo Shrine, they went and worshiped in Izumo Shrine, and they ate soba in the shop of the approach to a shrine. Then they went to Hinomisaki shrine and Hinomisaki lighthouse by taxi. And they came back by taxi again to Izumo Shrine Station and went to Matsue by a train of Ichibata railways. They who arrived at Matsue saw the sights of Matsue castle, and they checked in at the hotel of the station square of Matsue Station and spent single night. Megumi said “I want to visit to Iya Shrine” on the next day. Takayuki said “Ok” And they went by a train to Iya Station from Matsue Station, and went to Iya Shrine on foot from there. When they finish taking a walk through the precincts of Iya Shrine, Megumi said “Wait a minute here because there is the place where I want to go” Takayuki said “Ok” Then she left the place at a quick pace. He was waiting for her, but he has begun to look for her because she did not come back even if one hour passed. He found the slope with the billboard written as Ifuyasaka in a few minutes. Ifuyasaka is the slope called Yomotsuhirasaka in the border of the land of the dead and this world in the Japanese myth. And there was her bag near the slope. He called for her name many times, but there was not an answer. Then he thought that she falls down somewhere in slope, and he went down the slope with her bag hastily. He went down the slope and arrived at the place where dusky darkness spread through in a few minutes. Furthermore, ugly ogresses named Yomotsu-shikome appeared before him out of nowhere when he advanced to the depths. He was captured by ugly ogresses and was taken. There were her among ogresses and the woman in a kimono near in the place where he was taken by ogresses. Takayuki asked “What are you doing?” Megumi cried “You must not come” Takayuki asked “Why?” “Who is she?” Megumi said “Here is the land of the dead and she is a ruler named Izanaminomikoto of the land of the dead” Takayuki asked “Why did you come to here?” Megumi said “I wanted to meet my grandpa who became dead again and came here” Takayuki said “I see, so were you able to meet your grandpa?” Megumi said “No” Izanaminomikoto said “Do not ignore me!” Takayuki and Megumi looked at the face of Izanaminomikoto. Everywhere of the face of Izanaminomikoto decayed. Then they edged back. Izanaminomikoto said “If thou is made to satisfy me, I will grant a wish of the thou” “But i have thou remain here if thou is not made to satisfy me” Megumi said “Ok” Takayuki asked “What do you intend to do?” Megumi said “I have a plan” Takayuki said “Ok” Megumi said “Hand me my bag” She who received a bag from him took cosmetics out of her bag and has begun to put makeup for a face of Izanaminomikoto. Izanaminomikoto asked “What is the thou doing?” Megumi said “It is makeup” She who finished makeup of Izanaminomikoto handed Izanaminomikoto a mirror. Izanaminomikoto was surprised to see a face of Izanaminomikoto reflected in the mirror and asked “What did the thou do to me?” Megumi said “It is makeup” “When I was young, I suffered a big injury in a face, and I studied a technique of the makeup to hide it” Takayuki said “I did not know it” Megumi said “Sorry, i was not able to say the truth for fear of what was avoided by you” Takayuki said “Your face has nothing to do with the reason why I date with you” Megumi said “Thank you” Izanaminomikoto said “I am interested in a technique of the makeup of the thou very much” “Can you not teach me it?” Megumi said “Yes, my pleasure” She taught Izanaminomikoto a technique of the makeup carefully. Izanaminomikoto said “Thank you” “Wait a little here” and left the place. And Izanaminomikoto brought one old man to their in a few minutes. The old man was her grandfather. Megumi said “Gradpa, i wanted to meet you” and embraced the old man. The old man “A living person is not a coming place here” “Return early!” Izanaminomikoto said “I admit their stay for a while” The old man said “Thank you so much” Izanaminomikoto said “Because I admit a stay for a while, talk about your wanting to talk each other” Megumi said “Thank you” The old man pointed to Takayuki and asked “Who is this?” Megumi said “He is my boyfriend” Takayuki said “Nice to meet you. I am Takayuki attending in the university same as Megumi” “I am dating with Megumi from last year” The old man said “Please look after my granddaughter” “I hope you will be happy for ever” Takayuki and Megumi said “Thank you” Izanaminomikoto said “You must return soon” in a few minutes. Takayuki and Megumi “Ok” And they were guided by ogresses and went up the slope. When they had finished completely going up the slope, it was night. They stayed overnight at a hotel near Iya Station and returned to Tokyo by air on the next morning. And they graduated from a university and got married immediately.

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