The impaler

There were four close men and women who went to the same university. It is James and Stacy and Derek and Ellen with four people. James is a son of the world-famous fashion designer, and he is an ace shooter of the basketball club. Stacy is a daughter of the chief editor of the major newspaper publisher, and she is the first beautiful girl at a university. Derek is a son of the president of the university where they attend, and he is an ace striker of the soccer club. Ellen is a common student, but she is called a student having the clearest brain at a university.   They won popularity from not only the student but also the teacher. One day Stacy asked “Do you know Island Skewer everyone?” when they gathered. Derek asked “What?” James said “I do not know that” Ellen said “Me too” Stacy said “According to the rumor, various things are skewered in the island” Derek said “It seems to be interesting” Stacy asked “Is not it?” Derek asked “Shall we go to there together?” Ellen asked “Do you know where the island is Stacy?” Stacy said “I have a rough estimate” Ellen said “Ok” Derek said “I think need a boat” James said “Let’s go to the wharf stopping a pleasure boat of daddy” Stacy said “That is nice” Ellen and Stacy and Derek said “Ok” And they were the wharf. When they arrived at the wharf and James is looking for a key on a pleasure boat , his cousin named Hugo appeared. Hugo asked “What are you doing?” James said “It has nothing to do with you” “Go out Hugo!” Derek asked “Who is that fellow Jimmy?” James said “This fellow is my cousin named Hugo” Hugo asked “Are these your friends Jimmy?” Stacy said “Yes” Hugo said “Dating with me!” Stacy said “No thank you” Derek said “She is my girlfriend” Hugo looked displeased and asked “Can you say such a thing to me Jimmy?” James asked “What do you want to say?” Hugo said “I am trusted than you by uncle Walter” James asked “So what?” Hugo said “I say uncle Walter that you are going to go on the pleasure boat of the uncle Walter somewhere” “Take me, if you do not want uncle Walter to convey this thing” James said “Get on the pleasure boat!” unwillingly. They lowered a pleasure boat in the sea, and got on it. Hugo asked “This boat goes where?” Derek said “To Island Skewer” Hugo asked “What?” Stacy said “You understand it if you go there” When two hours passed after they advanced a pleasure boat under the instructions of Stacy, a weird island came into view in front of them. Derek asked “Do we go to that island?” Stacy said “Sure” And they went ashore in the island. They wove their way through between thick trees to the depths of the island with Hugo frightened by. It was dotted with innumerable creatures skewered around them. It seemed the stock of food was impaled into the branch by a shrike. James said “We seem to go out of this island early” And when they went to the place that stopped a pleasure boat hastily, the pleasure boat was destroyed by a hand of someone. Derek said “Because there may be impaler near, take care” But Hugo ran headlong into the depths of the island for excessive fear suddenly. It heard scream of Hugo in a few minutes. When they went to the place where they heard scream in a hurry, Hugo was skewered and became the horrible figure . Because Ellen seemed to scream, James blocked up her tongue by his hand. James pointed to a bush nearby and “We hide in the bush over there calmly”  in a low voice. And they hid in the bush. Then they felt a sign of someone near the bush where they hid in. They waited for someone to pass expectantly. When they confirm that someone passed near the bush where they hid in, Stacy asked “Is there the flare on the pleasure boat Jimmy?” “The flare should be useful” James said “I think that there was a flare on the pleasure boat” Stacy said “Well, James and Derek go to get a flare on a pleasure boat” “I wait for you here with Ellen” James said “I cannot leave you here” Derek said “Me too” “Well, i stay here with Stacy and Ellen” Ellen said “I go with Jimmy” James said “Ok” Derek said “Do not die!” James said “You too!” And James went to the place that stopped a pleasure boat with Ellen. When James and Ellen are looking for a flare in a pleasure boat while they are cautious of people, the necklace of Stacy reflected in light of the sun and shined and someone to see it was able to stick out of the bush where they hid in with a spear. She screamed unintentionally. Then the man who did a terrible figure so as not to think with the human being at all was going to stick a spear for her, but Derek protected her and struggled with a man. Derek cried “Escape Stacy!” Stacy said “Sorry Derek” and went to the place that stopped a pleasure boat on the run. Derek said “I love you Stacy. I wanted to marry you” to her who escaped on the run. He was stuck a spear into by a man and died. When James and Ellen found a flare and Derek and Stacy faced the place that waited, Stacy came over  crying from the front of them. James asked “What happened Stacy?” Stacy said “Derek protects me, and he is attacked by a monster” “Help Derek” James said “Ok” When they went near the bush where they hid in, there was skewered Derek there. They heard the sound that a beast ate greedily game. And there was the man who ate greedily a skewered creature there when they looked around. James and Ellen dragged Stacy desperately and were going to escape, she was not going to move. Stacy said “Escape in you two” “There is me near Derek” Ellen bugged her. And when James and Ellen appeared in the beach on the run while crying, the figure of the ship was seen in the distance. He fired a flare for the ship. When he fired a flare, Stacy was skewered and was murdered. By the ship which noticed to the flare which he fired, they achieved escape safely from the island. The military was in the island by their testimony and shot a man dead. And people who lost a life were buried politely by a man.


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