the architecture design engineer

There was the student named Tea Jeong who studied the architecture design at the Department of architecture of the Kijea University. He liked the girl named Hea Ryong of the department same as him from the beginning of entrance to school, but he was not able to readily tell the feeling to her. His childhood friend named Seung Min dated with her younger brother named Kyong Soo and she was unable to remain indifferent to him acted as go-between in relation between him and her. And two people will go together. She was a daughter of the presidents of Cho Won architectural office where the famous architect and the architecture design engineer belong to. When she relaxed in her house, she was asked “Because you became a university student, won’t you make a boyfriend?” from her mother. Her father said “Bring your boyfriend in the home and introduce your boyfriend to me” Hea Ryong said “Ok” One day she went to her house with him to introduce him to her father. Tea Jeong said “I am Tea Jeong dating with your daughter” with a tense look. Hea Ryong said “He studies the architecture design” Her father said “I see” “Show me your designed architecture design image” He showed her father his architecture design image which was in his bag made by the class of the University. Her father said “Your design is not bad and not good” “Your design fits in into the model too much” “You should do an original design” Hea Ryong said “Daddy, stop it” and caught his arm. “Let’s leave the house” to him and they went out of her house. They entered the park near her house and sat on the bench there. Hea Ryong said “Do not mind what my father said” Tea Jeong said “I try so hard that I have your father recognize me” “You do not quarrel with your father for me” Hea Ryong said “Ok, If I may do it, say anything to me” Tea Jeong said “Thank you” He tried the study of the design hard more than before. He heard administrative organ  invited public participation for a design of the children’s house from Seung Min. Her mother who heard the report that his design was adopted asked “May you accept Tea Jeong soon?” Her father said “Ok” The design which he subscribed for was adopted and her father invited him to her house again. Her father said “Congratulations, Come to my architectural office if you graduate from a university” Tea Jeong said “Thank you” “Is it really all right?” Her mother said “Of course” And he has begun to work with her after graduation in architectural office of her father.

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