the vain king

There was the small kingdom named the Kingdom of Reakowt among large countries in the certain place. The king named George Ⅲ display one’s uncommon shrewdness and governed the kingdom. And wise Queen named Eleanor and a brave prince named Jake with the first succession to the throne and a very pretty princess named Pauline with the second succession to the throne supported the king. One day a prince named Benedict with the third succession to the throne which aimed at the throne secretly let the person of subordinates assassinate the king George Ⅲand Queen Eleanor and prince Jack and princess Pauline. And he who survived governed the kingdom. He ignored the financial position of the Kingdom of Reakowt, then he performed the diplomacy with large countries of the neighborhood positively and he offered various supplies to the large countries. The group which had the dissatisfaction for him appeared, but he suppressed them using power. And The person who planned a revolt for him disappeared and he came to throne and became the king. He invited a the superior architect named Leonard in Reakowt to the royal capital named Vichl to appeal to the neighboring countries for development of Reakowt, then he sent commoners who lived in Vichl all the time to convert Vichl, and  converted a  into the modern artistic town. Other than the sentry and the noble and their family were made to move to the suburbs of Vichl forcibly. Commoners driven to the suburbs of Vichl were forced to poor life. One day he invited the politician of surrounding nations and people concerned with overseas media to Vichl, because he appeals to the world for power of Vichl and Reakowt which were reborn. The politician of invited neighboring nations and people concerned with overseas media, actions were always watched by the soldier. One of the people concerned with overseas media named Drake hid from the soldier and got away from Vichl and he investigated around Vichl. Then he discovered the area where commoners driven to the suburbs earn a bare living. He called for coverage to the people, but the people who were afraid of King ignored him But because he called for coverage too eagerly, one middle-aged woman unable to remain indifferent invited him to the shack which she lives. the middle-aged woman asked “If you was found by the soldier, Though you may be executed, why do you do something like this?” Drake said “Because it is my work to introduce the truth into the world” “Please tell me the fact of this country” A middle-aged man came over suddenly from the back room. The middle-aged man said “It is your freedom that pursue the truth, but do not involve my wife” The middle-aged woman said “Sorry, he is my husband” “This person is my guest” to her husband. Then her husband Her husband went into the back room as silence. The middle-aged woman said “Do not mind” She told part of conventional event to him all the time. He wrote in it at a notebook. When he finishes the talk in her house and leaves her house and photographs neighboring states, she said “If my son lived, he might become like you” and burst into tears. Her husband came out of her house and said “The soldier comes when you do not come back to Vichl quickly!” Her husband went home while carrying her. He came back to Vichl as if not being found by the soldier. And he left Reakowt with people concerned with other overeas media and the politician of neighboring nations. He returned home, then he reported the fact that he saw and heard in Reakowt for inside and outside his country. The thing was an opportunity, and Benedict was criticized from the global community. And Benedict was restricted by the association of volunteer of neighboring countries. The kingdom system was abolished, and the nation of Reakowt became free.

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