the Ghost ship

There was the cargo ship named Melusine which the picture of the head and the trunk did the figure of the beautiful woman and wore clothes of the Middle Ages in the body, and a lower part of the body was the figure of the water snake, and the back had the wing of the dragon which carried freight to various countries and various areas was drawn on fore. There was the young man named Miłosz who worked as a sailor by the cargo ship, and was the second year. When he was 7 years old, his father who worked as a captain of the sailing ship was missing by a sea disaster accident. Then 10 years later, he heard the rumor that a person dead in the sea gets on a ghost ship named Rusalka. And he stole into the cargo ship which anchored in the port town where he lived in with his mother because he wanted to meet his father once again. But he was found by a sailor immediately. The sailor asked “Did you steal into this ship to enter it illegally or for the purpose of theft?” Miłosz said “Neither the former or the latter” “I want to see Rusalka” The sailor said “There cannot be such a ghost ship” The captain of Melusine came over them. The captain said “My grandfather said when he was twentieth age, has saw Rusalka” “I also want to see Rusalka” “You intended to do what to the boy?” The sailor said “If you permit it, i let this ship return to the port and intend to take down this boy from this ship” Miłosz said “Let this ship remain because i do anything” The captain said “In traveling what one wants is a companion” Miłosz said “Thank you so much” And Miłosz has begun to work at Melusine. One day 2 years later, when Melusine navigates it, the sailing ship which added a skeleton to fore appeared in front of Melusine. Sailors were afraid. But he and a captain went to the deck and saw the ghost ship slowly and carefully. The captain said “Rusalka which my grandfather talked about to me is that ship” “I am glad to be able to look at me” When Miłosz was going to transfer to Rusalka, his father appeared on the deck of Rusalka. His father said “You must not come here!” Miłosz asked “Why?” His father said “Because when a living person gets on this ship, the person becomes a dead person” He said “I wanted meet you daddy” His father said “Me too” “How you’ve grown!” “Please look after your mammy” Miłosz said “Entrust me” Then Rusalka disappeared in front of them. He came back to the hometown by all means on a holiday and came to spend it with his mother. He dreamed of a day to be able to meet his father again, then he worked as a sailor.

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