the three-way fight that was contrived

There was a kingdom named the Kingdom of Qyrmosk in a certain place. The bewitching witch named Deborah wanted power, and, using a love potion, she gained the favor of King. And she studied the philosopher’s stone in a secret in the kingdom and produced it, and she obtained a body of the agelessness and deathlessness. One day leader royal palace knight named Nicholas visited her. Nicholas said “The vampire which lives in the desolateness zone in the west of the kingdom and the lycan which lives in the forest of the popular name hesitation in the north of the kingdom are going to attack the kingdom to expand a territory each other” “Will you lend the power to us?” Deborah said “Ok” She opened whole kingdom and the neighboring maps on a table on the floor. And she waved her wand on the forest of the popular name hesitation in the north of the kingdom in the map and uttered an incantation in succession waved her wand on the desolateness zone in the west of the kingdom in the map. When the son named Zachary of the King of the vampire was going to invade the kingdom with the army of the vampire whom he led, a zombie emerged from the ground front of them in sequence. When the daughter named Lily of the King of Lycan forced it to invade the kingdom with an army of lycan which she led, a zombie emerged from the ground front of them  in sequence. Nicholas said “The life of the nation, please do not jeopardize it” Deborah said “I cannot promise it” Nicholas asked “Why?” “Your act may be regarded as the betrayal to the kingdom, is it all right?” Deborah said “It is all over. I do not work for a kingdom, because I am a whimsical witch” Nicholas said “Well, i back to the royal palace and think about the measures” and left for the royal palace. She gathered up baggage and left the kingdom. Zombies appeared front of each army of vampires and lycans. The each army of the vampire and the lycan attacked the zombie, and they thought that an attack worked, and the vampire and the lycan continued attacking zombies. However, zombies which thought that they defeated got up and bit a vampire in sequence. The bitten vampire and the bitten lycan have begun to attack the each army of the vampire and the lycan with zombies. Zachary and Lily were going to let each army retreat to rebuild preparations, but they were surrounded around them by zombies. Lily said “Because I open up a breakthrough, you report the whole story to father” One of the army of the lycan which she led said “It is not made” And the army of the lycan which she led plunged into zombies. The army of the lycan said “Escape!” She bore tears and ran to the desolateness zone. Zachary plunged into zombies with an army of the vampire which he led. They hit the chance of zombies and they escaped from zombies somehow and left for the forest of the hesitation. He gave an interview with his father and reported the whole story. His father said “I dispatch a reconnaissance corps in the kingdom” Zachary said “Let me go!” His father said “Ok” and went to the kingdom. He who arrived at the kingdom went posing as the nation to the royal palace neighborhood and therefore he attacked the Household troops and took clothes and the armor of Household troops away and sneaked into the royal palace. Zombies that Lily fought against him flowed into the kingdom. When Lily reported the whole story to her father, she left for the kingdom immediately. When she arrived at the kingdom, the trace that the nation was attacked around her by a zombie only remained. And she went to the royal palace hastily and infiltrated posing as the servant of the royal palace in the royal palace. When she walked the royal palace, she noticed the smell of the vampire and looked around, then there were Household troops in armor there. Lily asked  “Are you not a human?” “Who is it?” Zachary said “Are you also not a human?” She turned into a figure of lycan and showed a tusk and threatened him. He threw off armor and said “Wait!” “Did you come to here to research the surprise attack by the zombie?” Lily asked “Why do you know it?” “Did you let attack us using the zombie?” Zachary said “We also were attacked by zombies” Lily said “I cannot trust you ” Zachary said “Please trust me, i do not attack you” Lily said “If you take a suspicious action, I tear you apart” while looking dubious. They have begun to search the royal palace together. When they discovered a leader royal palace knight work room, and they entered the work room, there was Nicholas there. Zachary threw himself on Nicholas, and he sat astride it on Nicholas and said “Talk about your knowing the surprise attack of the zombie!” Zachary and Lily showed a tusk and threatened Nicholas. Nicholas said “Deborah the witch did it” Lily asked “Where is the witch?” Nicholas said “I do not know” “She went to somewhere” Lily asked “Are there any things which she used?” Nicholas said “A quill on the desks is her thing” She has begun to smell the quill. Zachary asked “Do you know what it is?” Lily said “I may chase a witch for a smell” She left the work room on the run suddenly. Zachary chased her trace. Zachary asked “What happened?” Lily said “I chase the smell of the witch” Zachary said “Ok” They started a chase of Deborah together. And they located that Deborah was in the mountain hut which was near the summit of Mount Craid adjacent to the kingdom. They picked a surprise attack with the mountain hut where Deborah was. And they killed Deborah when they were puzzled over their visit that Deborah was unanticipated. Zombies became the ash and disappeared. They came to like each other gradually.  And when they confirm the safety of each other’s villages, they moved to the place where there was none of the people who knew them and lived together.

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