the last romance

There was the 84-year-old old man named Cameron who lived alone in the town named Lingston since lost a wife 20 years ago. He had two sons and two daughters. The 53-year-old second son named Wilfred lived in the neighboring town of the town where he lived in, but the 58-year-old eldest son named Denton and the 56-year-old eldest daughter named Caroline and the 55-year-old second daughter named Nellie lived in a far-off town. Denton and Caroline and Nellie pushed all the care of Cameron to Wilfred by the reason of living in the far-off town. Wilfred often visited the house where Cameron lived in alone, with his wife and his children. One day when Cameron sits on the park bench and describes a painting, one modest old woman approached the bench where he sat. The old woman asked “May I sit down next to you?” Cameron said “Wait a second” and took out a handkerchief from a pocket and spread it on the bench and said “Please sit down” The old woman said “Thank you” “I am Hanna” Cameron said “I am Cameron” Hanna asked “Because i also like pictures, if you would not mind, would you show me your picture?” Cameron said “I like to paint pictures, though i am not very good at it” Hanna said “Do not say such a thing”  and showed his pictue. Hanna said “I like this pictue” Cameron asked “Are you also paint pictures?” Hanna said “I appreciate paitings exclusively” Cameron said “Ok” And they were congenial spirits and after that they spent together in a park on that day. He invited her to the art museum few days later and went out in two people. Then They did each other’s life stories, and they noticed that each other’s circumstances were similar. Their having been a widow and widower with the similarity. And they were attracted each other gradually, and their relations turned from friend relations into love relations. When Wilfred visited the house of Cameron, Cameron told Wilfred that he is dating with Hanna. Cameron said “I am dating with her” Hanna said “Nice to meet you” “I am Hanna” Wilfred asked “Do you have the child?” Hanna said “I live alone since I lose an exhusband 15 years ago because I do not have a child” Wilfred said “If dad is happy, I do not make any complaint” Cameron said “Thank you” “We intend to get married” Wilfred said “I bless marriage of dad, but Denton and Caroline and Nellie may to marriage of dad” Cameron said “Ok” “I tell them from me” Hanna asked “Can I make friends with your other children?” with the look that seemed to be uneasy. Cameron said “I do not know, but i hope it” He introduced that he dating with Hanna into Denton on the telephone after Wilfred left his house. And Denton came over to his house with Caroline and Nellie and Wilfred on the next day. Denton asked “Dad, are you going to really marry again?” Cameron said “Exactly” “I think about marriage with her” and introduced Hanna. Hanna said “Nice to meet you” “I am Hanna” Nellie said “She want an inheritance of dad absolutely” Cameron said “It is rude to her!” Nellie ignored it. Wilfred said “She was the person who seemed to be gentle, and was good” Caroline asked “Did you meet her, Will?” Wilfred said “Yes” Denton threatened Wilfred asked “When did you meet her, Will? ” Wilfred said “Yesterday” in spite of being a scare. Caroline asked “Well, why did you not tell it to us?” Wilfred said “Because dad told me that he introduced it into Denton and Caroline and Nellie” Denton asked “You live for what near the house of dad?” Wilfred said “To take care of dad” Nellie asked “Do you live near the house of dad to report it to us if there is some it to dad?” Wilfred said “Sorry” Cameron said “Stop blaming Will” Caroline said “Dad remains silent” Cameron said “Stop it!” “I do not intend to have you admit my marriage” Denton asked “Well, what did you say it to us for?” Cameron said “It us mere report” Caroline asked “Does dad intend to give an inheritance of dad to her?” Cameron said “It is you to aim at my inheritance!” “I do not give my inheritance to you who think only about money” Denton said “Do not say such a thing” Hanna left of the house of Cameron. Cameron rolled a carry case and left the house. They grasped the airline ticket which they obtained by arrangement of Wilfred, and they went to the airport by taxi. And they got married at the place where none of them knew them and lived peacefully.

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